Lose Weight Subconsciously!

Have you ever started a diet and gave-up halfway through it? Did you successfully lose weight only to put it all back on? Have you been unable to even start a diet because it just seems too hard or fruitless a task? Well, believe it or not, the answer to weight problems does not lie in your body but in your mind!

For 99% of people on this planet, who are overweight, there is only one cause. Gaining excess body fat comes from taking in more calories than you use! It’s that simple. However, rectifying the bad habit of this doing is often extremely difficult.

The human body is designed to take in food and store the excess energy as fat. This is a survival mechanism that dates back to our caveman origins. When food was abundant it was very advantageous to have this physical ability to store unused energy to fuel us in times when food was scarce. Although we no longer need this ability it remains a part of the working systems of our bodies.

The problem is we never go short of food in our modern society and therefore this unused energy, in the form of fat, just keeps building up. It blocks the arteries and does untold damage to our internal systems.

The problem with this really lies in our minds. We are subconsciously conditioned to eat whatever food is available and store the excess for times of need. It is a genetic memory from times long past. However, the body has a mechanism for dealing with this that often goes unnoticed. What is it?

Your body lets you know when you are full! All you have to do is listen to it! When you have taken in enough nutrients, vitamins and protein you feel satisfied and your stomach feels full. Your body makes you aware that it has received enough fuel!

If you eat more slowly and pause between bites you will become aware of this mechanism at work and be more able to listen to the “full” signals that your body sends you. However, as I stated earlier, the problem does not lie in the body but in the mind.

Even when we are full we will keep eating. We have conditioned ourselves to ignore our body’s signals!

Many times we continue to eat to fulfil emotional reason or just because we have conditioned ourselves to finish whatever is on the plate in front of us!

Because the problem with weight gain lies in the head, and not the body, weight loss hypnosis is one of the most effective ways of resolving the situation.

By convincing the subconscious mind that you can stop eating when the body sends its “full” signal then you can rapidly lose weight – because the body knows it has access energy stores it will send “full” signals when it has enough energy to fulfil it current needs but only enough for that moment and then it will use its reserves! As these reserves deplete it will wait longer before sending the “full” signal.

The body will regulate its own weight and always keep it at an optimum, healthy level if you just work with it! It is a highly complex living machine.

By using hypnosis you can literally get yourself out of the way and let the body lose weight for you!

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