Lose the Weight You Want Forever!

Are you overweight or just carrying those few extra propounds that you can’t seem to shift no matter what you do? This is becoming a very common occurrence in a world that values fast food over sound nutrition. So why can you not lose those extra pounds and get into the shape you want.

Well the obvious answer to that is that to lose weight you have to burn more energy that you take in. When you gain weight it is because you are taking in more energy than you are using.

We get fat because we over-eat and under exercise. However, this is not the only reason for weight gain.

If you have battled with weight issues for awhile chances are the problem lies in unconscious issues.

There are subconscious patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour that very often sabotage your best weight-loss plans.

Over-eating is not a normal reaction that humans have to food and the human body is designed to thrive on physical activity – everyone knows how good it feels to participate in a physical activity they enjoy such as football, tennis or even just walking the dog!

When we over-eat it is usually to suppress an unwanted emotional response or to mask feelings that we find unpleasant. When we feel too lazy to exercise or fail to get any type of physical activity in our lives this can also usually be traced to subconscious issues.

This article was written to help you understand some of those subconscious reasons that may be preventing you from losing weight.

The first step is to visualise yourself at your ideal weight with the ideal body you want. Create this vision of yourself in your mind and make it clear and detailed. Exactly how much weight did you lose and how toned are your muscles.

Now you will review this mental movie in your head and tell yourself that it is in fact your current reality. Watch your thoughts and feelings closely! This is where the magic happens.

You will begin to have a torrent of negative thoughts and feelings about your mental image. These are the very things that are stopping you from achieving that mental picture and making it your reality!

The whole point of this visualisation exercise is to bring up these negative thoughts and feelings so you can “release” them! Once they are gone, they are gone forever. You will find that you can more easily work a diet and exercise plan once these “negatives” are removed and on many occasions you will start to lose weight naturally with very little effort!

This approach to removing negative feelings and thoughts can be applied to any area of your life or any goal you may want to set for yourself. However, it is particularly effective with weight issues. So, if you want to shed those pounds make sure you shed those negative thoughts and feelings first!

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