Lifetime Wants and Desires!

Do you know all the things you want to have, do and be in life? Have you listed them? Not too many people do, but it’s interesting, of the people who accomplish a lot in their life, most all have a list.

Though the years I have noticed that most highly successful, adventurous and accomplished people have a list of all the things they would like to do. And most of them did not know how they would accomplish all the things on the list when they initially wrote them down, yet they do it.

There is magic in a list of this sort; the people who do make a list eventually come up with ways to accomplish much or all of their list. And those who do not make a list usually don’t even try to figure out how to do something. Even if you think about something it is not nearly as powerful as when you start by writing it down.

This looks so simple, so why don’t many people do this? There are several reasons: You don’t think about it. No one ever told you about doing it. Why list things that are clearly out of your means? I don’t have any experience in those things.

But I bet you do have some things that you still think would be exciting, rewarding, fulfilling or just fun to do. We all do, but generally we push them aside as unattainable.

Why don’t you do a list for yourself now? Here’s what to do and not do when making a list.


Think big, Dream big, Imagine money and resources were no object, Disregard perceived skills needed, Time is of no concern, People you want to meet, People you want to do something with, Something you have always wanted, Places you want to see/go, Activities you want to experience, Challenges that are calling you, Accomplishments you seek, Records to set, What you should have done before, No restrictive reasons, Think you are worthy


Consider worry or fear, Consider doubts, Consider current situation, Consider knowledge or skill, Consider education or position, Consider social status, Consider your opinion of self, Analyze how, Listen to naysayers, Be ‘reasonable’, Be ‘logical’

OK you get the idea, get to it. First, do a brain dump. Write down 100 things as fast as you can, don’t think for 5 minutes. Just write whatever comes to mind quickly, abbreviate. However many you get down is good. Skip about 4 or 5 lines between items to allow room for step three.

Second, keep the list handy and look at it at least once a day for a week, adding whatever comes to mind.

Third, After each item write how you will benefit from accomplishing each item. Is it personal satisfaction, fulfillment, serving others, whatever you feel about it? What emotional feeling would be attached to its accomplishment? This helps support the item with reasons why, which is more powerful in your mind.

Setting into your mind the desire to do this will activate your inner thoughts. For some people it may take a while for some of the things to surface. Particularly if they have been emotionally buried deep in your mind.

Then, look at the list at least once a week, daily is better. Read it over; think about what it would mean to fulfill each of the items. Say, ‘what if I could. . . ?’ Don’t allow negative critical thinking to come in, just dream and enjoy the possibility.

Pick out one or two that you think you may be able to accomplish. What can you do right now to move towards it? Even just a small step, I can just be learning more about it. Do whatever you can at the time to move towards at least one item.

Look at the list on a regular basis to keep the ideas active in your subconscious.

The reason why you have not moved towards any of them up to this point is you have not formally stated them as desires. In the past you may have even negated the idea of attaining them. Don’t close the door on any possibility, if you can’t see yourself stepping out tomorrow to do something, let it be. Don’t negate it forever, let it be a possibility that someway, somehow you can.

I’m not going to guarantee to you that they will magically come to be, but remember, the people who write down their wants and their goals get more of them than those who don’t.

Having great goals attract more energy than do small ones. Set your sights on grand ideas that are exciting, glorious, support personal growth, assist others, and expand human potential. Let your emotions get involved.

Protect your ideas, feelings and energy, be careful about sharing your grand ideas with people who are likely to negate them and any possibility of your accomplishing them. Only share them with people who you know to be supporting of big dreams.

You get what you expect to get, so expect big things. Plant the seeds of grand ideas, keep nurturing them while paying attention for messages and opportunities to move closer to them. Keep it up read the list often and imagine how it will feel to accomplish each one.

Your personal development is your responsibility, become active in your growth every day because you’re worth it. Read about the wealth beyond reason course that teaches you how to fully utilize these principles.

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