Letting Go!

Here is a simple process from the Sedona Method for eliminating the negativity that is blocking you from achieving the things in life that you desire. To start, make yourself comfortable and focus inwardly. Your eyes may be open or closed.

Step 1: Identify a desire.
Think about a goal you have been trying to achieve for awhile but have been unable to make any head-way towards. It does not have to be anything major. A simple goal or desire will do for now.

Think about the goal for awhile and the fact that you do not yet have it. How does that make you feel? Just identify one feeling you have about it. This does not need to be a powerful feeling. Now, just welcome the feeling and permit it to be there as best you can.

Although this instruction may appear to be overly simplistic, it really needs to be!

Many of us live in our heads constantly reviewing our own thoughts, mental pictures and the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, other people, the past and the future. We review how we feel about these things continually. Very few of us are really present in the “Now”. We stay focused on our mind chatter instead of being conscious of how we really feel in this moment.

You literally only have this moment. All you can do is use this present time to deal with how you feel so staying focused on the past or dreaming about the future takes away your power to do what needs to be done NOW!

So, identify how you feel about your goal. Have you got the feeling? Can you identify where in your body this feeling is showing up?

For most people feelings “sit” in their stomach or chest areas and are very easy to identify when you disengage your thinking. This is not a mental exercise it is an experiential exercise!

Even if you are feeling numb, flat, blank, cut off, or empty inside, those are feelings too and it is possible to “let go” of them just as easily as the more recognizable ones. Simply do the best you can. The more that you work with this process, the simpler it’ll be for you to spot how you are feeling in any given moment.

Step 2: Can I let that go?
Once you have identified the feeling simply ask yourself “can I let that go?” This simple question is merely designed to point to the process of “releasing”. It is a question geared to allow you to recognise that you have the ability to let go of this emotion.

Step 3: Would I let this go?
Again this question acts like a prod to poke you into action. The first question asks is it possible to let go of the emotion. The second question asks would you be willing to let it go.

Step 4: When?
Ask yourself the one word question – “when?” If you are capable of letting it go and you are willing to let it go then when are you going to do it? This final question is designed to prod you into the experience of releasing the emotion.

One thing to keep in mind as you do the exercise is that “yes” and “no” are both sufficient answers. You will frequently let go even if you say “no.”

When you want to release the emotion there are a few ways to do it. You can imagine there is a window in your chest or stomach area (or wherever in your body you identified the emotions as being). Just mentally open the window and imagine the energy is leaving like air being suck out of a vacuum. You can also just hear the energy leaving like the hiss of escaping steam. Or, you can feel the energy leaving.

Just use whichever one works best for you.

Now repeat this exercise until you feel good about your desire. Perform the exercise everyday and watch what happens!

Do you want to attain all your desires effortlessly thorugh the simple process of “releasing”? To learn more about “releasing” for abundance and to reach all your goals go to Release Technique to find out more.

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