Let Love Into Your Life!

Are you frustrated by the lack of love in your life? Do you hold onto the memories of a past love and yearn for “days gone by”? Or, do you dream about some future love partner who will whisk you off your feet or make your life complete?

Many people want a partner to enter their life so that person can give to them everything that they are not able or willing to give to themselves! Other people will hold onto a relationship that has been dead for a long time or stay in an abusive relationship under the pretext of “love”. They say things like “but I love him” or, “I could never leave her because I love her so much”. It is not love that keeps them bound in such destructive and unsatisfying relationships but fear! They fear being alone. They fear never having love in their lives again. They fear that they will not meet anyone else who will stay with them! They have low self-esteem and a total lack of self-worth!

These people are seeking love in the wrong place! They think that love comes from an outside source and therefore crave after it in another person. However the truth is simple; you can never get love from something or someone! Love comes from within! Only when you love yourself can you accept love from another! Only when you love yourself are you in a position to attract love from another.

Now, of course I am not talking about narcissism or self-glorification. Everyone knows that these things come from a deep belief that you are not good enough. Narcissism and the glorification of the self have their roots in self-loathing!

By building an acceptance of yourself with all your strengths and you’re your weakness you build an unconditional love for yourself that truly radiates outwards to all those around you. This is not some metaphysical mumbo-jumbo it is cold hard science! Self-acceptance can easily be seen in your actions and reactions. It can be heard in the words you use and seen on your face!

Everyone loves to be around a confident person. When you have high self-esteem you radiate love to others! You “telegraph” the fact that you are a worthy person who deserves to be respected, cherished and loved – and other people respond to this!

So how do you free yourself of the belief that you are not good enough? How do you allow yourself to open up to true love that is unconditional and warming?

It’s just a decision! Analyse it and you will see that it is true. Decide now to start loving yourself. Practice everyday giving yourself some approval – it’s just a decision.

If you feel emotions and thoughts of disapproval coming up stay with them until they dissipate. You can do it. In fact do it now. Think of something that you dislike about yourself – it can be anything. Bring it to mind and stay with those thoughts. Can you feel a wrenching or tightness in your body (usually around the stomach or chest)?

Now, stay with those feelings.

Do not try to suppress the feelings or run away from them. This is our natural reaction but merely keeps the feelings stuck! Stay with them and allow the feelings to express fully. This may feel intense but it only lasts for a few seconds.

After you have done this bring the original thoughts back up into tour mind and notice how the tightness in your body has lessened. Perform the above simple exercise a few more times. Then practice giving yourself approval.

Follow the simple advice given in this article and you will find love coming to you from all directions. However, if you would like to do it faster and receive more love in your life than you can currently handle you can do it. Would you like to? Then try the Release Technique and watch miracles happen!

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