Let Go!

We all struggle with our feelings in life. We all know that our emotions can sometimes get the better of us and every one of us, at some stage or other, would like to control how we feel. However, do you realise that your emotions have much more control over your life than just having the ability to make you feel a certain way?

Do you have everything in life that you have always wanted? Are you living your dreams right now? Have all your heart’s fondest desires been fulfilled? Are you blissfully happy and content with what life has given you?

If you are not you can blame it on your feelings!

Many times in life we feel that our lives are out of control. It is almost as if we are at the whim of the wind of fate. Like a ship without a rudder we seem to be blown from shore to shore never knowing what lies in the distant horizon. For many people life seems like a set of random occurrences. But, let’s face it if life were random then don’t you think you would have gotten a few more breaks by now?

Life is not random. The truth is simple; we get from life what we put into it. Anyone who has been on a journey of self-discover, personal growth or self improvement will already know that thoughts create reality. The reality that you are now experiencing is merely a shadow or mirror of the thoughts you held in mind in the past. Most of us know this. So, we watch “The Secret”, read some motivational books or attend a seminar in a vain attempt to control our thoughts. Yet, nothing seems to work. Why?

The reason you cannot control your thoughts, and thus change your life, is because 90% of your thinking or more is being directed at a subconscious level. To change your thinking you must change your subconscious mind. So, how do you do this?

It’s simple really! I know you will probably be complaining that it is far from simple but really it is when you know how to do it!

You see your subconscious thinking is being directed by your feelings. You cannot possibly control the 50,000 + thoughts you have a day but you can control your emotions!

Through courses such as the Sedona Method it is easy to eliminate millions of negative thoughts within minutes simply by letting-go of the negative, unwanted feelings that are fuelling them!

The reason why we hold onto so many negative thoughts at a subconscious level is because we lock them there in our minds with strong feelings. Once we remove the feelings the thoughts naturally disappear. We may still have memories of events but the negative feelings associated with them are eliminated and the negative beliefs and thoughts from which they sprang disappear forever!

Releasing, or letting-go, of unwanted thoughts and emotions has such a positive and life-transforming effect on all areas of your life that there are even courses like the Release Technique that show you how to use this approach to gain abundance in all areas of your life.

If you don’t believe me just take a few minutes to review some negative thoughts and beliefs that you hold and would like to get rid of and you will soon realise that they are driven by your feelings. It is these feelings that are holding you back and once they are removed you will be able to sooar higher than you ever thought possible!

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