Lester’s Secret. The Lester Levenson Story.

We all know how hard self improvement can be difficult. Let’s face it if there was an easy way to do it the personal development industry wouldn’t make billions every year! With the growing number of positions, pills, methods and techniques you’d think they would devise one that actually worked on everything!

Well, what if they did?

Lester’s Method

The Sedona Method, created by Lester Levenson and taught by Hale Dwoskin, also known as The Release Technique and taught by Larry Crane, proves that personal growth doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult at all.

Lester Levenson“Releasing”, which is the basis of both the Sedona Method and The Release Technique, began it existence when a physicist named Lester Levenson was sent home from hospital to die.

At the relatively young age of 42 he had suffered his second largest heart attack and was told his death was imminent!

After being told to buy loafers, as tying his shoe-laces would probably kill him Lester went home full of bitterness and anger. But he wasn’t about to throw in the towel just yet. Through a three month personal journey into himself Lester healed his body (and his mind) and emerged a new man.

How did he do it?

How Lester Beat The Grim Reaper

He totally transformed his death sentence into a new vitality for life in just 3 months because he discovered a secret that he also used to make himself a multi-millionaire in just 6 months. The secret was the Sedona Method (also known as the Release Technique).

Hale Dwoskin is the face behind that “Sedona Method” CD set that teaches you Lester’s amazing discovery and how to use it to transform every area of your life. The recordings are excellent. They walk you through the processes necessary to learn a technique that, once mastered (and it’s easy), will allow you to release negativity on the spot!

In basis of Sedona Method is simple – our thoughts create our reality and our feelings run our thoughts.



By “releasing” or “letting-go” of, our unwanted emotions we free our mind from negative thinking and our life “magically” changes.

The reason why it is often difficult to make changes in life and work with the many personal growth products, such as hypnosis, subliminal messaging products etc., and to see results from them is due to our subconscious programming. It is the aim of the Sedona Method to totally remove these subconscious blocks to success so that we can easily create more of what we want in life.

What happens normally is that we incline either to suppress such negative and unwanted feelings in an attempt to cover them up.

This causes depression, grief, fear, anger and a number of other emotions which taint our views of the world and our attitude.

However, by using the Sedona Method to release these feelings we free ourselves of their burden and become much more positive because this is our natural state of being!

“Easier said than done,” was my first reaction to this core Sedona Method idea, but by the end of the first CD I knew that it was a simple process (you can now get the first session free when you follow the link in this article).


Total Emotional & Mental Freedom

If being free from your unwanted feelings is something you believe would benefit your life then this technique is worth its weight in gold.

However, it goes way beyond just removing negative feelings and thoughts. When you use the method on specific issues in your life they just seem to clear up and become more positive all by themselves.

It truly is amazing!

If you are interested in achieving more of your goals and attracting more of those things in life that you want then it is well worth checking out the method.

Do you want to live a life filled with more of those things you want? Then go to Sedona Method and The Release Technique and read the full review and follow the link at the bottom of the page to claim your free instructions on how to use the method!

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