Learning Hypnosis

Like learning any thing new you need time to learn hypnosis. But there are some things you can do to quicken the learning time and hasten the training process. You can quickly begin to discover how to hypnotise yourself and how to hypnotise others.

Start by deciding precisely why you wish to learn hypnosis. This could sound crazy, but if you are confused about your reasons then you are not likely to finish what you begin and are much more likely to go off in another direction just to come back to it again at a later time.

Is there any specific issues you would like to deal with? Do you have any habits you would like to eliminate? How about areas in your life that may need improving?

Think careful about how hypnosis could help you improve your life and pick one or two as experiments to work on while you are learning this powerful technique.

You will probably be very suprised at just how many positive changes you can make to your life in a very short time using hypnosis.

This will slow down the results you get and greatly diminish your hypnotic experiences and those experienced by your “willing” subjects.

You should aim to place yourself into a hypnotic trance as this is a good target to start with before you tamper with the minds of others! Commence your training with yourself as the subject. It will be a very enjoyable experience and will you time to develop the necessary skills needed to hypnotise others.

You should first learn self hypnosis so you know what trance feels like and can gauge your skills as you progress. You can always get some self hypnosis MP3s that are available to judge the depth of the trance states you create compared to the ones created by the recordings. Experience these pre-made sessions as a “hypnotic subject” first and then select the ones that put you into the deepest hypnotic state to analyze.

Mix in this practical process with hypnotherapy home study course and you will find the ideas taught in the course or book are less difficult to learn because you have already experienced them.

So, when the course you are using to learn hypnosis talks about putting somebody into a hypnotic trance, you can know first hand what this feels like. And you can have a better understanding of what words to use and which strategies work best. Whatever works on you will probably work on everyone else.

However there are many techniques available to induce trance and different people respond better to different ones. Experience will let you know which to use and when.

Once you are happy with this, make your own hypnosis recording and listen it to yourself and let some others hear it also. This will help you hone your skills and make improvements as you go along.

It won’t take long before you can practise on other people as you really can’t do any harm. You can expect to find that learning hypnosis is a lot of fun.

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