Learn How To Meditate

Meditation is a mind/body discipline designed to quiet the mind and relax the body. The vast majority of people who practice this ancient art do so for spiritual enlightenment or relaxation purposes. However, although the methodology of meditation is simple the practice of it is a great deal harder. In fact if you have ever tried to meditate you will know how many obstacles get in your way and just how difficult it can be!

Having said this though, meditation is one of the most beneficial mind/body practices that you could ever try, so it is well worth the investment. The effort and time needed to prefect this art are well worth it as the benefits are numerous and life changing.

The many benefits of practising regular mediation include:

– Better Physical Health.
– Better Memory.
– Less Stress.
– Deeper Sleep.
– Elimination of Unwanted Emotions & Feelings.
– Freedom form Past Trauma.
– Enlightenment.

These are just a few of the main benefits of meditation as a complete list would take up the same space as an entire book

To perfect meditation takes a long time however to learn meditation is fairly simple. The principles and methods used to create meditative states are easy to explain and understand (even though they are difficult to master).

The first thing you must do is to find a quiet and relaxing place for your meditations. Noisy environments will create too many distractions and even experienced meditaters find it hard to enter the correct mental states in these environments.

Sitting is preferred although lying down is acceptable. The only problem with lying down is the propensity some people have to falling asleep. If you feel you can stay conscious if you lie down then by all means do so.

If you elect to sit then ensure you are in a comfortable position in a comfy chair. Sometimes you will enter a meditative state and lose all track of time. You do not want to re-enter a fully conscious state to find you have placed too much strain on your body!

Next you will concentrate on your breathing. Breathing techniques are the fastest way to enter a meditative state. So using this approach is the quickest way to experience the deep relaxation and heightened awareness meditation brings.

Once you have taken your meditative position (either lying down or seated), close your eyes. Take a long deep breath in. Then breathe out for the same amount of time. Keep breathing in this way and you will find your body starts to relax. You will also become aware of your thoughts as they pass by. Do not spend anytime analysing or reviewing these thoughts. Just allow them to pass by your awareness like clouds in the sky.

This approach to meditation will give you a feeling for the state that meditative practice gives you. Try to meditate for a half an hour everyday and you will start to see amazing benefits in no time!

If you want a faster approach you can always use binaural beats or holosync.

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