Leadership – help others excel by expecting the best from them.

You can help members of your team or others around you by expecting the best from them. If you are involved in a business environment as a leader then set a challenging goal for each of your team members.

Look at how the person is currently performing and set a goal that will help them stretch themselves and improve. As with all goals make sure it is realistic especially for the individual concerned.

This has to be a goal that you believe they are capable of achieving. Create a goal for them that you believe they are capable of achieving and the team member will sense that you really do believe it.

Let the person know what your expectation is of them. Most people have developed the need to underestimate their own abilities. However, there is a part of them that wants to believe they are capable of better and by knowing that you believe it their faith will be increased.

A simple, yet profound, fact of life is that most people will do whatever they can to meet the expectations that others have of them even if that expectation is bad! Keep your expectations positive and let the other person know it!

Encourage your team to be persistent when they are trying to achieve their goals. Failure is a natural part of the learning process. The most successful people in the world have failed the most times.

Edison failed 10,000 to create the electric light bulb and when asked about his failures by a member of the press he replied, ” I didn’t fail, I merely found 10,000 ways that won’t work!”

Take “Babe” Ruth as another example, his acomplishments are well known but his ‘failures’ are not – he had the highest strike-out record! Show your team what persistence can achieve!

You must show that you genuinely care about your team members and the team as a whole. Make them feel special. This builds trust and commitment from the whole team and will not only build their confidence it will also build your own. Without trust their is a likelihood that your team will perceive everything that you say and do as a form of manipulation on your part just to get the job done.

When they know that they are valued, and that you believe in them and their abilities, they will follow you into the eye of a storm with complete loyalty and confidence that they will see a victorious outcome.

These are key personal development business strategies that work! Follow them or even alter them to your own needs but put the strategy to work with your team members and watch their performance soar.

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