Leadership: Leaders Must Create, Duplicate!

Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it. – Dwight Eisenhower

Without fail, a true leader’s effectiveness can only be confirmed when they are able to cultivate other leaders from ones team.

A truly gifted leader directs ones team down the path of success through a vision; an even better leader puts forth great lessons for his people to benefit from later as they are achieving their goals; while, the best leaders produce other leaders from within, in addition to all of the qualities above mentioned.

The effectiveness of a leader depends on their ability to create other leaders, and a true leader is never selfish. They share their experiences, convey and pass on their knowledge and teach others well. They do all these things without asking for anything in retur because they know that what they receive in return are the treasures that are worth their time and the necessary sacrifice.

But alas, there are many leaders who see their people as opponents – that when the team members become better, or evolve, they will become better than, or outdo, the leader themselves. This is a mistaken belief of some leaders and is a big reason why they don’t go as far in the area of producing more leaders.

Basically, what should be observed in this scenario is that the team members are cooperators, not competitors. In fact, these people who are potential future leaders, help lighten and carry the load. They efficiently reduce the encumbrances of the present leader. And with such vast and vital responsibilities, a leader tends to divide the duties among his people giving the more difficult ones to those he deeply trusts and thinks will handle them appropriately.

So it goes with prospective future leaders at hand, one is guaranteed that these tasks are being completed according to the team’s agenda and benefit structure.

Furthermore, a leader who produces other leaders exponentially multiplies his or her influence, crafting a system that other people follow and believe in wholeheartedly and enthusiastically. Their organization will continue to build, grow and thrive, as there are other devotees who assist him to prosperity.

My friends, if you are a leader, you cannot and should not attempt to do everything by yourself. You need confidants, colleagues and compatriots.

If you really want to be a successful leader, you must cultivate other leaders around you. It is imperative that you form and establish a team that has a vision similar to yours, acts and reacts the same way you do and believes that you can rise to the top. A true leader always sees the big picture, but needs other leaders to help turn his or her mental picture into reality.

Typical leaders only aspire to have more and more disciples around them. They truly believe that the key to leadership is acquiring more followers that they can order around. Few leaders surround themselves with other leaders that they can ask of and utilize their invaluable assistance. Coincidentally, these leaders are the true and effective ones, the ones that go down in infamy. Here’s to leadership!

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Kurt Lee Hurley, Operator of CREATE FITNESS, President and Founder/Partner of Synergy Fitness Systems LLC., Synergy Global Health Solutions LLC., Creator of Integrated Variable Dynamics. and developer of the Super Premium Supplement Line Neo Physis, is a Nationally Recognized Fitness Expert, Celebrity Trainer, Multi-Certified Fitness Professional, Nutrition Counselor and Personal Empowerment Coach.

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