Law of Attraction Products Review

askanditisgivenThe Law of Attraction states that you get more of what you focus on. It says that you actually attract everything in your life. You attract people, objects, circumstances, situations, experiences, wealth, health and abundance – and you attract them through your thoughst and feelings! This law is always active, it never rests. It cannot be bargained with or fooled. However the great Law of Attraction is by no means beyond your control.

You thoughts and feelings direct it and thus they also direct your life!

Therefore, using the law of attraction should be simple and building the life you want should be easy, shouldn’t it? Just think thoughts of what you want and you will get only what you want! Think constantly about wealth, health and happiness and that is all you will get.


The Truth about the Law of Attraction

The theory of the law of attraction and the practise of the law of attraction are very different things!

Going around all day trying to think positively usually only gives you a headache. The law of attraction is a little more complex that just having happy thoughts and for this reason you need an expert to teach you how to use it.

The Law of Attraction is the basis of the Wealth Beyond Reason course by Bob Doyle and has really come into the public consciousness due to the excellent documentary The Secret.

law-of-attractionThere are great teachers of the law of attraction, two of the best being Bob Doyle and Esther Hicks. They are experts in the Law of Attraction having used it in their own lives to great effect.

Bob used it to take him from debt to a six figure anual income in just 12 months! Esther and her husband Gerry Hicks have used it to become multi-millionaires!

These two teachers live what they preach. They do not just give you an outline of what the law of attraction is, they teach you how to use it!

Esther Hicks and the Law of Attraction

Esther Hicks is known as a ‘channeler’ who relaxes her body and lets non-physical entities speak through her. Abraham is a group of non-physical beings who apparently speak through Esther to reaveal their teachings on the “Law of Attraction”. Don’t let this approach put you off. Regardless of whether you believe in this phenomenom or not Esther’s books are packed with great information and pratical tips on how to benefit from the law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction

Bob Doyle’s Approach to the Law of Attraction

Bob Doyle’s approach to law of attraction teachings is very similar to that of Hicks although he strives to demystify the whole thing and make it much more down-to-earth. He teaches that we are basically magnets constantly attracting or repelling the things we want and don’t want. His Law of Attraction program is designed to teach you the truth behind your life and show you how to attract more wealth in all areas of it. In fact his course is designed to show you how to create wealth, health, happiness and abundance in any are you choose by utilizing the law of attraction.

wealth-beyond-reasonBob concentrates mostly on your feelings and how they relate to what you are attracting in your life at the moment. He shows you how easy it is to use your feelings and thoughts to attract anything you want!

Doyle states that his approach to the law of attraction will show you the truth about wealth, happiness and health.

He states that what you feel and what you think are the only factors that determine your reality. They literally attract things that include physical objects, people, circumstances and life experiences. If you change how you feel about things then you will change how you think about them and thus your world around you will change also. This is the law of attraction in action!

Wealth Beyond Reason Law of Attraction Course
Bob Doyle’s law of attraction course, Wealth Beyond Reason starts with the book A Happy Pocket Full of Money, by David Cameron. Although this book has a scientific approach to the Law of Attraction it offers many pearls of wisdom. It isn’t at all necessary to understand the science of The Law of Attraction, after all you don’t need to know how electric works to turn on a lightbulb, do you?The book is part of the law of attraction course because it gives some valid scientific views about the law and why it works the way it does.

Bob Doyle has also incorporated a unique way of dealing with internal blocks – one of the greatest hindrances when trying to use the law of attraction. He outlines the pratice of using EFT, which is a very simple yet effective way of permanantly removing negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

You are also given several other e-books that offer information on a variety of subjects related to the material in the course.

In addition to these materials you have access to a wide and varied range of mp3 downloads which include 2 meditation MP3s (also available on CD) that incorporate binaural beats. These meditations are designed to improve your visualizations and your law of attraction abilities.


Wealth Beyond Reason is a treasure. Bob Doyle has included everything you need in order to totally change your life by learning how to apply the law of attraction consciously.

His course has a great selection of mp3 audio recordings and several books in digital format. There are walk-throughs, interviews, eft sessions, seminars and much more information than I can note here.

You can review some chapters of the program at the site listed below.

You can start with an introductory course before you take the full course in order to get your feet wet and prove to yourself that you can get results.

I highly recommend all of Bob Doyle’s teachings and courses. They really do work!
Alternatively you can get anything by Esther Hicks and you will achieve the same aim. Esther’s books and audio recordings are second to none. Her 22 processes, as outlined in Ask & it is Given, are incredible. If you want to get the law of attraction working in your life then these are processes that you can feel safe are tried and tested.

You can’t go wrong with either of these Law of Attraction teachers and should check out both their websites below.

Wealth Beyond Reason – Highly effective Law of Attraction Course by Bob Doyle.

Ask & It Is Given – Esther Hicks book teaching 22 processes for utilizing the Law of Attraction to be, do & have anything you want!

The Law of Attraction – The basic teachings of Deliberate Creation by Esther Hicks.