Just What Can You Do With Subliminal Software?

A great many people are intrigued by the idea of subluminal messages. Some people are terrified that they may be subject to some form of mind control through the use of subliminal stimuli. There are other people who fear the use of subliminal messages in advertising as you can clearly see if you look it up on YouTube!

Even though there are still some scientists today who do not believe that subliminal messages are effective (this number is getting smaller all the time) the vast majority of people believe that subliminal messages exist and that they work.

The belief that subliminal messages work is well founded as many recent clinical scientific studies in England, the Netherlands and the USA have shown.

There is little doubt now about the effectiveness of subliminal messaging or its ability to sway the opinions, behaviours and choices of human beings. So the belief that subliminal messages can and do affect us is cause for concern should this technology be used by unscrupulous people. However it is also cause for celebration.

Subliminal messages, if they are capable of changing our behaviours, opinions and choices (which they are) should be able to change our negative habits, negative beliefs and negative thoughts also (which they can).

The uses of subliminal messages are enormous. The different aspects of life to which they can be applied are almost limitless from gaining more confidence to earning more money.

However, few people ever investigate what using subliminal messages could mean for them and how they could be used to improve their lives.

Not only can you purchase pre-made subliminal products but you can even make your own subliminal recordings through the use of the cutting-edge audio technologies embedded in the latest subliminal software programs.

As with any type of subliminal technology the uses of subliminal software products are truly astounding and very powerful. Obviously you can use software to create your very own subliminal recordings which will in the long-run reduce the financial cost of using this technology.

After all buying even the very best subliminal recordings requires a certain amount of financial commitment from you. With the proper subliminal software application however it is possible to make an unlimited amount of subliminal recordings.

What’s more these recordings can be highly specific to your individual needs and also be extremely personalised.

For example instead of using the word “you” in a positive affirmation you could replace it with your name!

You can also mention the exact goal that you want to achieve for example if you were to purchase a subliminal recording for financial abundance the affirmations embedded at a subliminal level would be very generic such as “you attract more money everyday”.

However, let’s assume that it is January 2011 and George needs $5000 in the next 2 months. A better affirmation for him would be “George you attract and accept $5000 easily by the first of March 2011”. This highly targeted and very personalized affirmation becomes much more impactful when it is delivered subliminally.

For these reasons subliminal software is often a better choice if you have the time to create your own subliminals and want to create a lot of them. Of course using the very best subliminal cds available will also bring you your desired results if you do not want to commit to making your own!

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