James Arthur Ray Review

James Arthur Ray is another teacher I came across through the excellent dvd The Secret. His principles revolve around something called Harmonic Wealth™!

Although I was initially very impressed by Ray there are “holes” in his personal growth philosophies!

He states that through Harmonic Wealth™ you can find contentment, peace-of-mind, a deep connection to the world around you and your place in it!

His teachings propose to show you how to make more money and become more successful, double, triple, or even multiply by ten, the size of your business. Even if you have already achieved a good level of success he says that Harmonic Wealth™ can help you achieve more. But his principles aim to go way beyond creating more money. Wealth means much more than just money and this is a point that Mr Ray stresses time and again in all his programs!

James Arthur Ray speaks almost in parables and uses a lot of terrific short powerful statements to get his point across – “God sleeps in the rock, dreams in the plant, stirs in the animal and awakens in man”.

However, I fear that James Ray may believe that all humans are as capable and as in touch with the spiritual aspect of their nature and, (dare I say?), their own divinity as he “appears” to be!

In one of his expensive seminars he gave the paying attendees “tramp” clothes and set them off to fend for themselves in a downtown area of a busy American city! I can only assume that Mr. Ray wanted them to understand how difficult life could be if they lived in that situation and how fortunate they already were. Perhaps he wanted them to learn some type of survival skills and perhaps awaken in them a desire to better their situation.

Whatever his reasons his actions did not impress his paying customers. Although there were several complaints, and at least one refund request, these fell on deaf ears.

The most alarming thing about Mr Ray’s teachings involves his belief that we are all capable of achieving anything. Although this may well be true not all of us are starting at the same beginning point nor has everyone developed the same level of mind/body control! In fact you would be hard pushed to find two people, on the personal growth path, who are at the same point in their lives, have developed the same level of spiritual evolution or mental and emotional growth!

It may be that Mr. Ray’s belief that we can all overcome physical challenges the same way that he did and at the same pace which leaves him slightly out of touch with what can be done and what cannot!

The deaths of three people at his $10,000 Spiritual Warrior Event still sends a chill down my spine!

Although after 25 years of study Ray has noted that almost all of the most highly successful people on the planet have several specific traits and beliefs in common with each other he is not the only teacher to have discovered this. In fact, Brian Tracy has devoted his life to teaching the very same thing without having received two complaints to the Better Business Bureau (like Mr Ray) and without people dying at one of his retreats.

Likewise , James Ray program, as taught by, Bob Proctor is probably the only course you will ever need to create true, tangible wealth without putting yourself at any risk!


James Arthur Ray will not appeal to everyone. Although he offers pre-recorded programs with techniques and teachings that are excellent, like those on his Quantum Creations (DVD) and the guided meditations on Collapse the World, his reputation as a spiritual leader has been damaged.

It is our opinion that if you are interested in Mr Ray’s work then by all means investigate it further – with discretion. The link to his site is added below.

However, if your true intent is to better your life and create more abundance, joy and freedom then we suggest you try the truly excellent James Ray based on the teaching in The Secret!

James Arthur Ray (no longer available) get a free goal course instead – guaranteed to bring your goal no matter how many times you have failed before