It’s Your Choice!

Let’s say, for just a moment, that anything was possible. Imagine that you could do, be or have anything in life that you wanted. Really imagine this for a moment. Can you?

Now what would you do in life if this were really possible? Who would you be? What direction would you life take?

The truth is you really can be anyone you want. You truly can do whatever you wish to do and honestly, it is possible for you to have everything and anything you desire!

It’s all about the decisions that you make in life. Your entire life is a reflection of the thoughts, feelings and decision that you have chosen!

One man wants to become a millionaire. The first man dreams about his fortunes changing. He imagines a rich relative dying and leaving him their fortune. Then he imagines buying a roll-over lottery ticket and spending the rest of his days basking in the sun and living like an emperor. He thinks about this while he works his job he hates and when he lays his body to rest at night in a home he is not satisfied in.

One day his friend from work tells him of an opportunity to improve their skills and get a possible promotion. The man ignores his friend and carries on with his current work. His life never changes!

Another man has the same desire. He wants to become a millionaire. He dreams of his life changing and imagines spending his days basking in the sun and living like an emperor.

However, he visualizes his goal everyday and begins to take steps towards it.

Each night he visualises his goal and thanks the universe for delivering it. He feels gratitude for his life at the moment and everything in it. Then he feels gratitude for his goal because he knows it is already his and only the physical money is only awaiting delivery to him – it is already his!

He enrols in night classes to help him gain qualifications and expertise in his hobby of electronics. He gains his qualifications and seeks employment with an electronics firm where he knows he will hone his skills and learn new ones. He builds contacts and begins to work a little from home fixing electronic equipment for his friends and family. Within 5 years his home business has become a million-dollar business that fixes electronic equipment for businesses and homes.

Can you see the difference between these two men? The first man was a dreamer and a dreamer only. The second man was a dreamer and a “doer”! The first man passed up an opportunity which may have lead him to his dreams in the long-run. The second man forged his own opportunities and did not wait for fate to “throw him a bone”!

It isn’t enough to simply wish for something. You have got to work diligently at getting it. When you are clear about what you want to be, do or have it is easy to take action – even if you do not know what action to take.

If you hold on to your vision and are willing to take steps towards it the path will become clear. Sometimes all that is necessary is the willingness to take action.

Decide what it is that you wish to accomplish it. Create some type of plan to achieve it. It doesn’t matter how unsound the plan is at the moment. You can refine it and make it more detailed as you gain more experience and knowledge. It is all in the choices that you make. Make some positive choices now!

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