It’s Impossible To Fail At Love!

All of us experience many different kinds of love throughout our lives. Usually when we meet someone new we feel a great connection and may even think that they are “the one”. The honeymoon period begins and everything seems marvellous and spectacular.

Then after some time we start to notice the flaws in the other person and doubt our initial evaluation of the relationship’s potential.

To many people this cycle keeps repeating itself and love seems an allusive and distant thing. Many others just settle for what they have and resign themselves to a relationship built on mediocrity and “comfort”

To most people love is a mystery. I believe this is basically because human love, as we understand it at our current level of spiritual evolution, is no more than co-decency. We look to others constantly to give us the approval and love that we think will make us whole, secure and happy.

However, if we do not feel these things within ourselves then how can we ever expect an outside source to make us feel that way.

To illustrate this point think of a desire you once had in the past which actually came to pass – you received the object of your desire.

Now, this can be a person, thing, event, situation or circumstance. Really give some thought to this exercise and do not just read these words. Think of something you wanted that you got!

How did it make you feel when you attained that goal? I bet it felt wonderful – at first!

However, after some time your new shiny car, bigger house, gold ring, new relationship, or whatever it was, lost its appeal. Soon it was replaced by a new desire! If you are honest with yourself desire is a never ending thing. We constantly have desires and if those desires are fulfilled they soon get replaced by new desires. For many people relationships are no different.

We believe that we will get feelings of security and joy from someone else and project onto them what we feel they should be like without ever viewing them for what they really are. Then when this “bubble” bursts and we see aspects of the real person we become disillusioned with the relationship.

Real love comes for a feeling of allowing the other person to be who they are, not how we want them to be. Real is unconditional and it is allowing the person their right to be who they are and not who we want them to be.

Often we get involved in relationship sand they try to change the other person to match the view we falsely hold of them. “You should do this” and “you shouldn’t do that” are often things we say to our partners.

The truth if the matter is simple; we must love the other person unconditionally. However, to that we must first love ourselves unconditionally and how many of us do that?

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