Is There a Secret?

Is There a Secret?

Is the Law of Attraction enigmatic, or is this just the greatest powerful secret the Universe knows and your soul must rediscover as it reenters into this world?

Imagine having been told when you were first able to walk and talk that through the power of thought, you would be able to create, design and control your life and that by using this universal blue print, you could become wealthy, healthy, successful, and abundant. Imagine having the ability to think clear, focused, specific thoughts and then have that which you have desired appear? If you’re thinking, wait a minute, this sounds like the TV series, Bewitch. Then you would be right. The same principle applies here, instead of twitching your nose, you think your desire into existence.

This brings us to the question of whether you can instantly have your desire like in Bewitch? Not exactly, because there is something called a time warp, where your focused thoughts are slightly suspended in order for you to physically align with your desire. Why? Because if you don’t have the space required for the new where will you put it? Acquiring the space needed should involve that which is physical as well as mental.

What also stops instant manifestation is the universe’s brilliance to anticipate inconsistent desires. Suppose a person, hypothetically speaking, is in a temporary, depressed, mental state had several misguided thoughts about jumping off of a 20-story building. What would stop him? A time warp would, because this is the invisible, nothingness interval between thought and manifestation. This interval would allow the depressed person’s time to slightly shift from negative and to refocus on the positive aspects of their life. In addition, thinking about what they are grateful for might make the difference between jumping or living life to the fullest. The time between the first thought of your desire, which is called expectancy, and your manifestation is an excellent time for you to clean out your mental closets. Use this precious time and quiet space to review all of your limiting beliefs and decisions. While cleaning, rid yourself once and for all of those self-imposed, self-induced, outside-influenced, limited thoughts of not being good or worthy enough, bouncing off the unworthiness syndrome. Now is the time for an extreme mind make-over; for everyone is entitled to abundance.


1. Be very specific about what you want.

2. What makes you happy?

3. Acknowledge that you are only limited by your thoughts.


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Aldian Prakoso is a personal development coach and the owner of OptiMINDzation Attraction Accelerator Blog. OptiMINDzation Attraction Accelerator Blog helps you to achieve success, wealth, growth and health by unlocking The Secret of Law of Attraction.

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