Is “Manifestation” Merely Another Buzzword?

If you are new to personal development or self improvement you may be finding it hard to become used to the word “manifestation”. It just wasn’t in common-or-garden use for the largest part of your life. Although we may have tried to manifest a partner, a job or any goal we sure were not using that word.

How many times have you manifested your dreams or an objective that you set? Look back and think how many times you wanted something to happen and it just happened.

So, if you are still finding the terms “manifestation” or “manifesting” rather bizarre, just know that the meaning and practice of them go back thousands of years. Semantics is the one thing that makes it appear new. Varied philosophies and faiths through history have included manifestation as an element of their teachings even if they never used that word.

The key to manifesting lies in your thoughts and you beliefs. Your beliefs colour your review of the world and your thoughts attract things to you and repel other things from you.

Many of us can agree that we are exposed to too much bad news and negative drama from the papers, TV, and so on. It can be extremely depressing and perhaps that is the reason why so many folks take uppers. If we simply had more helpful and positive input, folk could relax more and gain a brighter view of things.

All this constant negativity that surrounds us causes folk to fret about their cash, health and relations. When you look at it objectively all of the drama and stories, which the media are spewing out, have to do with money, health and relations. So, we watch that and it sways our thinking. Then out thinking creates our experiences. So the act of “Buying into” the media pin causes the same things to occur in our lives!

Now you always have a choice. You can believe what you see and then see in your own life an unfolding of what you believe. To counteract all of the negativity that is bombarding your senses on a daily basis you must close yourself off from it in your own mind by staying positive and focusing on the positive.

That’s what manifesting, visualization, law of attraction, faith, etc., are all about. They are designed to direct your conscious, and unconscious, focus on the things you want and away from those things that you do not want!

When you watch a kid in the sandbox playing with his toy vans, he is enjoying “pretending” he is an adult, moving the earth and building real roads with real hardware. We do not consider the kid insane or delusional for this, do we?

The kid is reasonably aware of fact and at the same time prepared to take part in an alternate fact to such a degree that in his own mind he is the very thing he is pretending to be!

Unfortunately as we grow older, we incline not to pretend as much and as a consequence, get stuck in the framework of “the real world”. We accept only what we see, hear, taste and feel as being fact because that is the grown up thing to do. It’s simply too silly to think about alternate realities.

If you are in a rut with life and have settled for less that what you want and deserve then it’s time to get to grips with manifestation and manifesting!

In fact, you’re the one who manifested where you are right now in your life. You are already a Master Manifestor! So, get back into the sandbox of your mind and break out your imagination. When you do this enough times your mental image has a tendency to become real.

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