Instant Meditation

Back in the 1980’s when hard rock ruled the charts and everyone had “Big Hair”, a person called Bill Harris was occupied making a really unique private development product that he called Holosync.

Harris’s Holosync product centred on the concept that it is possible to listen to some unique sounds while you relax and quickly fall into a deep state of meditation akin to that of a Zen Master .

Did he succeed in creating this unique sound technology?

Well before we take a look at the technology behind Holosync, and gain a better understanding of the potential benefits of using such a instant-meditation tool (as well as the potential pitfalls), it is best to have a clear understanding of the benefits of meditation in general. It will then be easier to identify the benefits that you might get from such a meditation tool and also see if the potential rewards are worth the price of daily meditation sessions.

Here are a couple of the various proven advantages of meditation:

– It leads to a deeper level of relaxation.

– It has been shown to greatly reduce stress.

– Medical studies verify that it lowers blood pressure.

– Medical studies show that it decreases discomfort due to muscle strain.

– Medical studies verify that it reduces allergy symptoms.

– It has been shown to speed recovery after operations.

– It enhances the immune system.

– Experiments (and years of practise) show that it decreases and removes emotional upheavals in your mental and energy systems.

– Slows down and reduces the activity of viruses in the body.

– Braces natural defences in the body to fight bacteria, viruses and carcinogenic cells.

– It can be used to eliminate phobias & fears. – Increases serotonin which positively influences moods and behaviour.

– It helps eliminate negative emotional stresses and remove intense negative feelings from memories.

– It decreases violent emotional outbursts.

– It can be used to eliminate unwanted habits & behaviours.

– Deep meditation leads to enlightenment and the sense of “Oneness” that is related to it.

Although eliminating stress from mind and body is an example of the best advantages of meditation as you can see from the above list it does have many more, conventional, benefits.

When meditation is performed daily it’s been shown to change an individual’s reactions to intense and annoying eventualities. As a person progresses in their meditations they find that less and less things irritate them!

So as you can see meditation has many advantages. However, the downside to meditation is that to see these types of advantages you need to practise the discipline for several hours a day and it takes many, many years to get to a stage of expertise where the above mentioned benefits take place.

This is where Holosync can be indispensible. Within minutes of listening to the first recording you can be experiencing an extremely deep meditative state that would otherwise take you about 20 years to achieve. Not bad for hitting a play button!

Holosync is a 21st Century tool for easy meditation. If you are interested in learning more about this powerful technology you should read the review of this product at Holosync.

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