Instant Hypnosis Review

Instant Hypnosis offer over 165 downloadable pre-recorded hypnosis MP3s that you can have immediate access to – hence the name!

have a great range of titles which are organised into 10 different categories as follows.

  • Self Improvement
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Fears, Phobias & Addictions
  • Health
  • Love & Emotions
  • Relaxation
  • Pain Relief
  • Sixth Sense

    They have some great and unusual title such as No Wedding Nerves, Cellulite Removal and Perfect Piano Skills to name but a few. We got our hands on three titles to test. Relationship Healing, Achieve Goals and Fear of Spiders!

    spidersThe hypnosis sessions are conducted by a male hypnotist with a soothing relaxed feel to his voice. In the background subtle music plays at a low volume to induce a relaxed state.

    The Elman method is used to induce a very relaxed hypnotic state. This technique was devised by Dave Elman and it works very simply by bringing a person into deep relaxation, then asking them to open their eyes and refocus by becoming aware of what’s around them. They are then directed to close their eyes again. This time they really embrace the relaxed feeling until they are instructed to open their eyes again! Then, when they close their eyes again, they fall into a very deep hypnotic state.

    Some visualisation is required in some of the sessions but you are directed in such a way that it feels like a daydream and is very enjoyable and relaxing. Post hypnotic suggestions are given in a soft soothing way that causes very little resistance from the conscious mind.


    Instant Hypnosis offer very professional hypntoic recordings!

    The trance inductions bring you into a very relaxed hypnotic state. Unlike many other hypnosis recordings there isn’t a lot of complicated visualisations to perform. The sessions involve, for the most part, well delivered post hypnotic suggestions from the hypnotist. I found this allowed me to just listen and relax much more than usual. It felt a bit like a dreamy/awake state that often happens just before or after sleep. A very enjoyable experience.

    Ok all this is great but do the recordings work?

    Yes they do! The fear of spiders had a great impact on one reviewer who overcame a life-long arachnaphobia and now has no problem around spiders at all (although I wouldn’t mind testing that theory with a tarantula!).

    The Achieve Goals hypnosis recording had more visualisations to perform than the other two recordings and required a bit more concentration. However, after a few listens it seems to be much easier to stay motivated on your goals and all the reviewers experienced less inner resistance to the obstacles they encountered in the ordinary waking state.

    I would try other recordings from Instant Hypnosis comfortable in the knowledge that they will deliver on their promises! The ease of an MP3 download and thus instant access to the recording, combined with the professional scripts and soothing trance inductions make these hypnotic sessions a very good buy! relationshiphealing

    Instant Hypnosis

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