Increase the Working Power of Hypnosis!

Many people believe that they are not hypnotizable. Now many hypnotherapists will also say that no all people will respond to hypnotic suggestion. However, this is not quite the whole truth.

Hypnosis is a natural state that we enter into every single day of our lives. When you are drifting off to sleep or when you have just awoken you are in an alpha brainwave state that is identical to trance. The same is true when you become engrossed in a good book and when you watch television! In fact, television is the most powerful and effective hypnotist is the world.

When you watch TV you enter into the alpha brainwave state and varying degrees of trance – depending on how involved you are in what you are watching. If you did not enter a trance state when you watched television then the characters and plot lines would be unrealistic and in no way entertaining!

You see we all can, and do, enter hypnotic states. However, although everyone can enter the hypnotic state and, most definitely, we all respond to hypnotic suggestion – think of advertisements – not everyone who tries hypnosis really lets themselves experience the trance state.

You must be willing to hand over power to the hypnotist whether it is in person or via a pre-made recording, in order to positive and permanent effects to take place.

This is the reason why a misunderstanding currently exists about the effectiveness of hypnosis for some people. It is not that hypnosis will not work for them it is simple that they will not allow it to!

The truth is that some people are much more able to benefit from self hypnosis than others because they are more open to the process.

Some people are more resistant to the idea of being relaxed or under someone else’s control. They refuse to allow messages to penetrate their subconscious because they fear the process and hold images in mind of the potential negative effects.

In order to increase the likelihood that hypnosis will work for you, there are steps you can take to prepare yourself. You must understand that in order to be hypnotized you must be a willing participant. No one can be placed under the effects of hypnosis without their full consent.

Here are some guidelines that will help you to enter trance more readily and gain all the benefits that hypnosis offers.

1. Make the decision that you can be hypnotized.

All of life is merely a decision. So, right now simply decide that you are going to try it.

2. Decide that you will benefit from the process.

Choose an area of your life where you want some real change to occur. Pick something that is meaningful to you. If you have a strong desire to make a change then you will be more enthusiastic about that change actually occurring!

3. Interview the hypnotist to find one that you trust.

Go see several hypnotherapists. Choose ones that give free consultations. Hypnotists know that in order top be successful they must have a subject who trusts them. This is why they offer free consultations to gain your trust by allowing you to see if you “resonate” with them.

4. Listen to a recording first.

If you are using self hypnosis recordings then listen to it while fully conscious to ensure you trust the post hypnotic suggestions. This will give you more confidence in the process because you know nothing bad is being said to you.

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