Improve Memory with self hypnosis!

by Michael McGrath

Have you got what you consider to be a bad memory? Well self hypnosis is a proven tool which can be used to improve memory recall by reorganizing the way material is stored in the brain.

In order to understand how hypnosis can be effectively used to improve your memory we will look at how the brain receives and then stores information for recall at a later time.

The brain receives millions of signals a day and the subconscious mind reminds all of them. Sights, sounds, aromas, and the feelings associated with them are all registered by the brain however, we consciously register only a small amount.

The brain literally generates a massive electrical field as it processes all of the sensory input being presented to it.

As the majority of this information is not considered useful it is automatically relegated to the deeper memory areas of the brain.

In order to gain a better memory and have greater recall ability, we can use self hypnosis to reorganise how the brain stores and categories information.

As with all self hypnosis the first step is to relax the body and then the mind.

With a skilful script a hypnotherapist can then use the brain’s natural ability at organising to restructure the way it stores data much like a computer programmer would with a PC.

Different areas of the brain are used to store different pieces of data while ensuring no unimportant information seeps into the same areas. This leads to much easier recall.

Scientific studies have shown that when the body is in a relaxed state and the brain is in deeper levels of relaxation such as alpha and theta wave states (as in deep relaxation when brain waves slow down) the brain can much more easily reorganise the data it was feed during the day from internal and external stimuli.

Dreams are partly the brains way of reorganising this data while in the deeply relaxed Delta wave state.

Hypnosis works in exactly the same way to relax the body and mind. With skilful scripts the brain is then directed to form a new way of filing its data for easier recall and a better memory.

A good self hypnosis CD or tape will train your mind to be able to consciously remember all the information you need.

So if you need to remember vast amounts of written material or just want a better memory to recall names, dates etc., then try a good self hypnosis program.

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