Image is Everything!

Your self image is the blueprint you follow in life. It is true that image is everything. How you view yourself, your abilities, your interactions with others and your place in the world accounts for all your success and failures!

The image you have of yourself is everything. If you look at Hollywood actors, Olympic athletes and high achievers you will see one thread that runs through all their lives and interactions with others – high self-worth (at least in regards to their chosen field).

These people feel that they are worthy of success and therefore demand it and expect it. If you feel unworthy then you will not expect any success never mind demand the success that is due to you. It’s all about self esteem. Being a student of self improvement, however, you can demand much more from life because you have access to the tools to make your dreams come alive. Where you can differ from the high achievers, Olympic athletes and movie stars though is that you can have a positive self image and expect success in all areas of your life, not just your chosen profession!

The first thing you must do is improve the image that you hold of yourself – doing this consciously can help a great deal. However, directing your powerful subconscious mind to change this internal blueprint of your place in reality will have a tremendous and miraculous effect upon all areas of your life.

To mould your future into a glorious, joyous succession of success filled with happiness and contentment starts with changing your self-image! When you have a self-image filled with unconditional love for yourself you will also allow others to be as they are without judgement or the feeling that you need to control, cajole or coerce them.

When you have high self-worth and a positive self-image your life will be a glorious reflection of this inner harmony and self-approval – everything will just start to fall into place for you!

The truth is simple; if you are not living the life that you truly desire right at this very moment then you have some degree of self-disapproval. You are “beating yourself up”. Internal criticism is a success-killer!

If you ever want to be happy, successful or content then you must eliminate your habit of self-criticism. Now, we all do this (yes even movie stars and Olympic athletes), it just seems to be a part of this life we are born into. We are taught to think of ourselves as being “not good enough”. Somewhere, at some time, someone told you that you just couldn’t do something, were unworthy, incapable or “not good enough” – and you bought into it!!!!

However, you do not have to continue to believe it! You can have everything you want if you will only believe that it is possible, except that you are deserving of it and expect because you deserve it!

So, how do you change your self-image from the one that you currently hold to the one of a person who feels they deserve success and expects it?

Well it’s easier than you think!

Start by building up your self-esteem and accepting yourself as the person you are now. You are a perfect reflection of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that you have been holding. Your life is a perfect reflection of who you are. If you do not like your life then change yourself. However, accept it for what it is now and embrace the fact that it is perfect.

It may not seem perfect to you because you have troubles, problems, heartaches, financial worries etc. But it is perfect because it is a perfect reflection of you!

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