Hypnotize This!

by Michael McGrath

Every one can be hypnotised and anyone can learn to use self hypnosis & hypnotism.

From the Bible to the annals of history for thousands of years skilled story-tellers have weaved intricate stories, parables and antidotes that have been mixed with fact, fiction and symbolism not just to entertain the listener but to also make a point.

Even rhymes and children’s bed-time stories were created to entertain, inform, and most importantly educate at a deep level!

They hypnotize the reader or listener and get you so involved in what’s happening that you almost become a part of the story.

You identify with the characters. Your imagine takes over and the meaning of the story saturates your mind.

The same thing happens when you watch a movie or a drama on TV. You get so involved in what is happening that you ‘lose yourself’ in the movie.

Most bad moives are only bad because we cannot identify with the character or their situation – we just can’t believe what is happening!

Advertisers use this to their advantage!

TV advertising does the same thing when it gets you to identify with a person on screen and then shows you how they benefit from a certain product or service.

Wow, if only you had that your life would be so much better, joyous, exciting etc.

Through repetition this state is linked to a catch phrase, jingle or affirmation that becomes immediately recognisable.

I am sure you can think of a few like “beanz meanz…….?”, in the UK or “The king of beers” in the USA. You get the picture!

When you are watching TV and stop being aware of your surroundings you become totally focused on the TV program you are watching.

When you identify with the characters and they become real to you (which is what happens) you are actually in a light state of trance. You have entered the brainwave level known as alpha.

You go in and out of alpha quite a few times every single day! Can you recall a time when you were day-dreaming and someone had to shout your name or poke you to get your attention and you suddenly ‘snapped out’ of it?

When is these states, alpha states, you are highly susceptible to suggestions. You are hypnotized. You either entered the state via outside stimuli like the TV, a book, a radio play etc., or you hypnotized yourself with day-dreaming, focusing on a project, humming a tune etc.

Ask yourself “have I ever been hypnotised by the TV?” or “have I ever hypnotized myself?”. I think if you are honest you will already know the answer.

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