Hypnotic Healing!

Although hypnosis has many amazing attributes and does a great deal of wonderful things, like help you heal your mind and body, it is not magic. The actual workings of hypnosis are still somewhat of a mystery to science but the effects of using this powerful technique are well documented!

Hypnosis is not magic, as I have already said, and neither is it mind-control. A hypnotist cannot force you to enter a trance state without your full co-operation. For this reason many people believe that hypnosis and self hypnosis is the same thing.

Much of the myths that surround hypnosis stem from movies and stage hypbtism.

Although both movies (that have plots about mind control) and stage hypnosis are highly entertaining, they have little to do with healing hypnoiss. In fact they can give the field of hypnotherapy a bad name and lead people to make rash and unfair assumptions about the subject.

For example only 5% of the population can enter such a deep trance that they will cluck like chickens and they must be willing to put themselves in this position to begin with.

When you go to a hypnotic stage show the hypnotist asks you to place your hands together. If you do this and cannot get them unstuck then this shows a willingness to participate in the entertainment!

As for movies with hypnotic plots – most of them are pure fiction. You cannot be hypnotized to do something against your will – no matter how skilful or clever the hypnotist is and regardless of how high tech the equipment he is using is!

However, hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for personal growth and has even been embraced by orthodox medicine as a valid and effective treatment for many disorders!

Modern medical authorities admit that a great many physical disorders stem from the mind. They also know that the attitude of the patient greatly determines their healing time, healing rate and in fact if healing takes place at all.

It is little wonder then that hypnosis, which is designed to work on the mind, is such a powerful healing tool!

By using hypnosis to contact and direct the subconscious mind it is possible to initiate healing in the body and mind. As a psychological tool hypnosis probably has no equal (perhaps with exception of the Sedona Method). Many psychological disorders, that would take many months or even years of therapy, can be healed within just a few sessions through the use of hypnosis.

The theory of hypnotism embodies a very simple set of rules encompassing the nature of the ailment, the subject’s desire to be cured and the nature of the relationship between the patient and the hypnotist. It has been shown that if a patient has complete faith in their hypnotherapist, has a desire to be healed and the healing is possible through manipulation of the body’s own healing mechanisms then healing will take place and at a faster rate than normal.

Of course the same results can be obtained through self hypnosis if a person wishes to take the time to learn hypnotic techniques and then use them on themselves.

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