Hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool. It has been used as far back as the time of the Pharaohs. Nowadays it is performed with very scientific methods and has such a high success rate at healing certain mental and physical conditions that it is even available in a great many conventional medical facilities! Clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy have been very popular as treatment tools in established medical circles.

Clinical hypnosis is a term that is used by medical practioners to differentiate the use of hypnosis for treatment purposes from stage hypnotism or the use of hypnosis for self improvement purposes.

Hypnotherapy is really the same thing. The only difference is that practioners of Clinical Hypnosis have been sanctioned by medical organisations and only use hypnosis as an aid to healing. However, a hypnotherapist will use hypnosis as an aid to healing and also as a self improvement tool.

It is believed that through the use of hypnosis a therapist can guide a patient into a very relaxed state of mind and body and focus the patient’s attention on healing. Suggestions are given to the subconscious mind, which act as commands, to direct it to repair the mind and body.

Some of the more common conditions treated by hypnotherapy are stress, obesity and psychological disorders. Hypnosis is very popular as a pain relief method due to its extremely high success rate at reducing or even totally eliminating the feeling of pain from the body. It is also used as a means of speeding-up recovery times after operations. Many times there are no signs of scarring after the healing of a surgical operation is complete.

While many conditions, which are treated by hypnosis, are related to the mind, some physical ailments can be treated as well such as skin conditions, warts, boils an the like. There is some debate as to whether the condition is actually cured at the root by hypnosis or its use merely removes the symptoms. For this reason most people usually combine hypnosis with a conventional form of treatment.

Although hypnosis dates back many thousands of years it has changed substantially in the last few centuries. In fact in the last few decades, with the introduction of binaural beats and NLP, it has been transformed into a highly effective and powerful mind tool!

The first baby steps to creating the powerful tool we know today started in the 18th Century with Franz Anton Mesmer. Mesmer developed a theory that he could heal people through manipulating their energy field by using magnets. This became known as “animal magnetism”. Although he had a vast amount of patients and many successful case studies the medical established and scientists of the time greatly doubted his claims.

After an investigation by the Faculty of Medicine, which included Benjamin Franklin as one of the commissioners, animal magnetism was found to be non-existent and the commission concluded that some sort of autosuggestion was at play (like a placebo effect) and thus the interest in the power of hypnotic suggestion begun.

These days, hypnotherapy can be accessed through a qualified and skilful hypnotist. There are many avialble all cities and towns. However, they can prove to be expensive.

One alternative is to purchase cheap, but effective, professionally produced hypnotherapy CDs or MP3s. An advantage of using this approach, which is often termed self hypnosis, is that you can undergo hypnosis at your convenience in the comfort of your own home. These recordings also utilize the latest break-throughs in sound technology so they are well worth investigating!

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