Custom Hypnosis Session Review

Imagine if You Had Your Very Own Hypnotist
Who Could Effortlessly Hypnotize You
To Achieve YOUR Unique Goals!
Hypnosis has been around for centuries and variation of the same powerful mind controlling techniques have been used for thousands of years. Hypnosis has stood the test of time simply because it works!

The Power of The Hypnotic Word

Hypnosis is designed in such a way that you get instant access to the deepest levels of your mind. At these deep levels it is possible to alter your beliefs, thoughts and emotions and therefore change the results you are getting from life!

Do you have a problem that seems to have been there forever?

Have you tried to achieve a goal that never materialises regardless of what you do?

Are your dreams and desires so far from you that they seem like impossibilities?

Well hypnosis has been shown to help ordinary people everywhere how to overcome their problems and achieve their dreams.

It has been shown that everyone can be hypnotized. It is just some people are more susceptible to deeper states of trance than others. However, hypnosis is a totally natural state that you enter everyday!

When you read a book, watch television or daydream you are in a state of hypnotic trance!

The Problem with Pre-Recorded Hypnosis Sessions

Many people try hypnosis or self hypnosis and are very disappointed with the results they get. They either experience diluted results or worse – no results at all.

“So, if hypnosis is so powerful why doesn’t it work on everyone”, you may ask – I know I would!

Well the problem is not with the hypnotic process. The problem lies with the fact that all pre-recorded hypnosis sessions are designed to be generic.

This simply means that the trance sequences and post-hypnotic suggestions have been written so that they apply to the vast majority of people.

If you have not had MAJOR success with hypnosis it is because these pre-recorded sessions are not applicable to you.

You need a custom made hypnosis product that has been written especially for you!

Custom Hypnosis

You always have the choice to go to a hypnotherapist but this can be expensive and time consuming. You also have to ensure you are being hypnotized by a professional, ethical hypnotherapist.

There is another option however – custom hypnosis recordings!

Custom Hypnosis Recordings offered by Victoria Gallagher are based on your individual needs!

Although Victoria has a list of highly effective hypnosis sessions, which you can review at, she also offers custom hypnosis sessions built for you specifically.

You simply fill in a form and answer some questions. You can enter into a dialogue with Victoria and ask for advice about post hypnotic suggestions and how you want your hypnosis session structured.

The questions you are asked are quite specific about your needs.

1.  What is the main OUTCOME you are looking to create? You are asked to be specific about the whys, wheres and what-fors – basically what you want and why you want it!

2.  Which sense do you lead with? Sight, sound, touch, feeling etc.

3.  You are asked how the problem affects you now.

4.  You list some positive feelings you will have once you have achieved this goal.

5.  You are given an option to choose some of your own affirmations which will be weaved into the hypnotic script.

6.  Several other highly effective techniques to ensure Victoria knows what you want from the hypnosis session.


The Custom Hypnosis CDs offered by Victoria Gallagher are expensive – but then you get what you pay for.

You can pick up one of her pre-recorded CDs or MP3s for a fraction of the price. However, the results you get from a custom hypnosis session are awesome in comparison. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish with a custom made hypnosis CD!

Although Victoria’s pre-recorded sessions are highly effective with a custom recording every single word used is geared towards you. Even your name is used!

So, if you have a burning desire you have still not achieved or want to alter some aspect of your own character that is specific to you I would strongly advise you to check out these custom hypnosis recordings!

Custom Hypnosis