Hypnosis is your Friend!

For a long time hypnosis has had a bad press! Hollywood has perpetuated the myth that hypnosis is dangerous and has lead many movie-goers to believe that placed in the wrong hands it can even be evil. How do you view hypnosis?

When it comes to encountering new ideas and concepts there are three types of people in the world:

1. Those who fear what they do not know.
2. Those who deem it evil.
3. Those who investigate what they find so they can make up their own mind!

Which category do you fall into?

If you don’t know much about the topic of hypnosis it is all too easy to be suspicious due to the negative hype surrounding it. It is also easy to believe that the only value that lies in hypnosis is entertainment value. With all the stage hypnotists’ successes in the last few decades it is no wonder people are fearful that they will end up clucking like chickens or believing they are a famous pop star!

However, there are enormous mental and physical benefits that can be gained from the use of hypnosis. When you delve more deeply into the subject matter you find that hypnosis is so powerful and such an effective tool that it is offered as a treatment for many disorders and as a means of pain control by a great many established medical centers and is even available in Great Britain under their National Health Scheme.

On the self improvement front self hypnosis has been used by many thousands of people to overcome shyness and develop self confidence and higher levels of self-esteem. Increased concentration, ability to retain information and recall learned information are also extremely popular areas with hypnosis users.

In fact the applications for hypnosis are being expanded upon everyday. You can eliminate procrastination, phobias, and even remove your emotional connectedness to past painful memories through the use of self hypnosis.

Self hypnosis is surprisingly easy to learn and, contrary to popular opinion, anyone can be hypnotized – the only difference is in degree and depth of trance!

The availability of good quality pre-recorded self hypnosis sessions also makes this a relatively easy method to employ in your life. There are self hypnosis CDs and MP3 downloads available on a vast array of subject matters from gaining more confidence to growing taller. How effective these recordings are depends on a few variables:

1. Your susceptibility to deep trance.
2. Your belief in the process.
3. You commitment to listening to the hypnosis session.

Some people respond quicker to hypnosis than others because they can enter very deep states of trance at their first session. These people amount to roughly 5% of the population – they are the one that can’t unclasp their hands at a hypnotic stage show and must get up on stage!

However, most of us must persevere and continue to listen to the recording for about 30 days to effect permanent and meaningful change. This is the estimated time required to break old habits or form new ones. So, by listening to the hypnosis session over a 30 day period you can get almost any result you want.

However, if you stick with the process you will get the result you want!

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