Hypnosis Is A Powerful Tool For Personal Development!

Hypnosis is a mental tool for internal change. It involves a hypnotist who places a subject into a trance state. This trance state creates alpha brainwaves in the subject who then becomes highly suggestible to anything the hypnotist says. The term self hypnosis is used if the same person is both hypnotist and subject or if a person uses a pre-recorded hypnotic tape, CD or MP3.

It is well known, due to a great deal of research and experimentation, that the human mind is very susceptible to suggestions that it is given during trance and will act on them long after the trance state is broken.

Hypnosis is not the only means of entering trance states. In fact you enter them every day of your life. When you read a book, daydream, just awaken from sleep or enter a hazy state just before sleep you have entered a trance state. You even enter a hypnotic trance when you watch a movie or television!

For this reason advertisers spend huge sums of money to suggest to readers and viewers that they should purchase their products. Their success is proof that the mind does respond to suggestions while in a trance state. Without doubt your television set is the greatest hypnotist you will ever meet!

During a hypnotic session with a train hypnotist however it is possible to have him implant positive suggestions into your mind to create changes in your behaviours, beliefs, actions and even your body!

Hypnotic techniques have been used in this way for centuries (if not thousands of years) in many different and varied cultures around the globe. The medicine men and shamans of tribes that still exist in remote regions still use the power of suggestion and trance states to this day.

With advance in modern technology and the introduction of NLP modern hypnosis has become a very highly skilled and effective technique for personal growth and the treatment of many physical and psychological disorders.

By combining powerful NLP techniques, which can “anchor” positive feelings to any behaviour or belief, with the newest break-throughs in sound technologies, such as binaural beats, it is possible to create change almost instantaneously in a subject. Although many people receive immediate benefits from the use of hypnosis, and self hypnosis, it is advised that you have several sessions or listen to a recording several times a week over a 30 day period to ensure permanent results.

Hypnosis can be used for a wide variety of beneficial purposes. The most popular uses of hypnosis involve the cessation of smoking and for weight-loss. However these uses are closely followed by goal-setting and goal-achievement issues.

Using hypnosis it is possible to program your subconscious mind to help you achieve any goal you desire. So it really is a powerful tool for change!

When it comes to personal growth issues hypnosis is second to none. You can remove the painful emotional connections you have to negative past experiences and even program in a whole new past for yourself – one that supports your growth, self esteem and confidence.

The best way to experience hypnosis for the first time is by getting a good quality pre-recorded session. If you find that it is enjoyable for you (which you will) you can always book an appointment with a hypnotist for a one-on-one session.

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