Hypnosis & Brain Wave Frequency!

The reason why hypnosis is such an effective tool for change is due to how it affects the brain. For a long time now hypnosis has been used in conventional medicine for a myriad of treatments. It is also extremely popular as a self improvement tool due to its proven record of addressing and fixing many personal growth issues.

The range of a person’s brainwaves can be anywhere between being entirely alert to being fully asleep. The different states of consciousness that a typical human being experiences in any one day are mostly distinguished from each other by the brain wave frequencies that are exhibited by the brain.

It is important to note that there are no rigid boundaries separating these brainwave states although there are certain frequency ranges that they tend to fall into. The states that correspond to normal brain functioning are as follows: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Each of these states corresponds to both mental and physical states.

In the beta state you are fully conscious and aware. This is the state you found yourself in most of the time.

In the alpha state you are dreamy or only slightly aware of your outer surroundings. This state occurs when you are just falling asleep and is the state which is induced during a hypnotic session for reasons that will become apparent later.

The theta state occurs during dreaming sleep, in some deep hypnotic trances and in meditation.

The delta state occurs during very deep dreamless sleep and can occur during meditation if the practitioner is extremely experienced at the practise.

The alpha state is the one with which we are most interested and it is the state that is produced by hypnotic trance. In this state behaviour alterations are most sure to happen. Suggestions can be given in these states which go straight into the unconscious mind without any interference from the analytical conscious mind. The subconscious has no power of reasoning and will accept the proposals as they are, and will act upon them.

So, where does Hypnosis fit in all this?

Hypnosis is an example of the best tools to prompt a changed state of consciousness. Suggestions can also be effective under normal consciousness while displaying Beta Brainwaves but research has shown that they are over a hundred times more powerful in the Alpha state!

Almost eighty percent of physical and mental problems are stress related. And, since relaxation forms the center of all hypnotic procedures and is a side-effect of the alpha brainwave state, hypnosis is perfect for their treatment.

So how does hypnosis compare with meditation & yoga?

All these processes involve physical relaxation and a changing of consciousness. In the case of hypnosis, as opposed to the others, it is task or goal orientated. Hypnosis is used for specific purposes. By accessing the unconscious part of the mind it is possible to speedy and effective changes to beliefs, thoughts, actions and reactions as well as creating certain specific reactions in the body!

If you are interested in experiencing alpha, theta or delta states without the aid of hypnosis you can always use the latest break-through in sound technology to create these states through the use of Binaural Beats.

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