Hypnosis: An overview

This is a quick overview of hypnosis and how to use self hypnosis in your life.

Self Hypnosis is natural state of mind that is induced through the aid of relaxation techniques. These hypnotic techniques lead to an internal state known as trance.

While in a trance you are very susceptible to suggestion. Using this unique state of min you can alter your beliefs and control your behaviours.

During a normal hypnotic experience there are only two people involved; the hypnotist and he subject. The hypnotist’s job is to create a state of trance in the subject and then give that person prior agreed post hypnotic suggestions to affect change internally.

Although hypnosis is now used in many well established and even government funded medical faculties its workings are still a bit of a mystery.

Much research into consciousness has been conducted over the last 100 years but science is still only scratching the surface, so it is not surprising that we still have no idea how hypnosis works.

However the affects of using hypnosis are well known and well documented. As a tool for pain relief it has no equal and has even been used to treat a myriad of physical disorders. As hypnosis involves probing the mind it is often used a psychological treatment for many phobias, fears and as an alternative to traditional psychotherapy.

The idea of hypnosis is to create altered states of consciousness to gain access to the subconscious mind. Now, in everyday life you use your conscious reasoning mind to think and interact with your immediate environment. However, all your automatic behaviours, from driving a car to talking, are regulated by your subconscious mind. The subconscious is also responsible for running your entire body and keeping all your internal and external systems functioning at optimal level.

Many times the subconscious blueprint for these jobs gets distorted and through the use of the trance state it is possible to reorganise this blueprint to give you better health. In addition phobias can be completely eradicated as can distressful emotional connections to past negative events.

Both these uses of hypnosis make it an extremely powerful and popular tool for self improvement and personal growth.

Experimentation with hypnosis has shown that it can remove self imposed limitations that we have picked-up along the highway of life from parents, peers, friends and the world at large. Many times negative experiences in our lives also cause us to construct negative, harmful and erroneous views about ourselves, the world and people in it – all dependent on certain criteria being meet (like the belief that all men are liars or all women are gold-diggers, for example).

Through hypnosis these erroneous beliefs can be removed entirely from the memory banks of the subconscious mind and replaced with positive life-affirming beliefs that are more helpful to us in interpersonal relationships and goal-setting.

In fact it is even possible to instil the beliefs, similar thoughts, behaviours and actions of those whom we aspire to be like. Would you like to do business like Bill Gates or play gold like Tiger Woods? Then try self hypnosis!

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