Many people develop health problems throughout their lieves and take pills, potions and all manner of aids to help relieve them from pain and physical suffering. However, there are other people who swear by the effectiveness of self hypnosis as an aid to better health. So, is it really possible that simple trance states can help you become healthier? Let’s take a look!

Hypnosis has been practiced for millennia in one form or another and is a very potent and powerful tool for accessing altered states of consciousness. Originally, it was thought of a strange form of sleep (hence the name hypnosis which originates from the Greek God “Hypnos” who was the god of sleep).

As science started to understand the state of trance better it was realised that hypnosis has nothing at all to do with the sleep state. However, the name “hypnosis” had stuck and now that is the term we use to describe the deliberate creation of altered states of consciousness.

People’s experiences using hypnosis can vary to a large degree. Not everyone experiences trance in the same way. However, that does not mean that the effects and benefits of trance are any different from one person to the next – they remain the same!

Trance states, typically brought on by self hypnosis, guide the brain in the Alpha state of consciousness where Alpha brainwaves are produced. While in this state a person is highly suggestible and will believe almost anything they are told. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why television advertising is so powerful and successful because your television set hypnotizes you every time you put it on!

For most people the experience of trance leads to a reduced awareness of outside stimuli and a heightened focus of what they are engaged in mentally. During a hypnotic trance this would usually be the hypnotists voice. While watching television this would be whatever program is being shown!

Although a hypnotized person is not unconscious, nor unaware of their surroundings, they do experience feelings of greater relaxation and increased mental focus – they are merely uninterested in what is going on around them!

So, let’s investigate why self hypnosis can be used to become healthier.

1. Well, for a start hypnosis relieves tension and stress from the body. It also relieves stress from the mind. Therefore, these two aspects of the trance state make it immediately effective at reducing stress or tension related disorders in the mind and body.

2. Self hypnosis has been proven to be a highly effective form of pain relief. So much so that modern medical establishments offer it to their patients in doctor’s surgery’s and hospitals in both the USA and as part of the “free” National Health in the UK.

3. Self hypnosis brings all the same benefits as traditional (and non-traditional – such as Holosync) forms of meditation. This can lead to a lowering of blood pressure, a reduction in the aging process, faster healing times, reduction in the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema and even the removal of warts!

4. Elimination of bad habits and the forming of new, positive habits. The trance state can be used to program your mind and remove unwanted behaviours such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, over-eating etc. It can also be used to instil new habits such as eating healthily, breathing deeply and staying calm under stressful circumstances!

5. Self hypnosis can be used to increase your motivation to exercise. You can use post-hypnotic suggestions to train your subconscious mind and find yourself wanting to exercise more!

So, as you can see, self hypnosis can be a very effective, and fast, way to become healthier!

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