How to Use the Same Subliminal Persuasion Tactics Used by the World’s Top Sales People

Although persuasion tactics in the sales industry are far from new the type of tactics being employed now are not that long on the scene.

The use of techniques designed to help a potential consumer to “make up their mind” has been employed in sales for thousands of years. However, with the creation of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the major advancements made in hypnosis induction methods it was just a matter of time before marketing executives and top sales advisors started using the covert hypnosis techniques and subliminal persuasion!

Subliminal persuasion is a form of subtle manipulation. It is designed to be used in such a way that it affects the subconscious of the recipient and goes unnoticed by their conscious mind.

Through certain specific behaviours it is possible to influence the thinking and the emotions of someone you are interacting with and it is this influence that we call subliminal persuasion. Subliminal persuasion is a small part of covert hypnosis. However, it is extremely powerful!

Just as sales people and marketing gurus skilfully use this tactic to influence the buying behaviours of potential customers so too can you use it to influence other people around you. By carefully practising what you are about to learn and refining your use of the technique I will teach you, you can subtly and unknowingly influence other people.

This technique should be abused. Please use it responsibly. For example, you can use it as an aid to calm a volatile situation, to develop a better relationship with friends, family and spouse and to make friends with others. Please do not use it to influence people against their will or for selfish reasons.

That being said I will assume you are a responsible person who will use this technique wisely and for the benefit of all concerned.

To start off using subliminal persuasion you must learn the art of mirroring. Mirroring is merely a method by which you “mirror” or “mimic” another person in a way that makes them feel an unconscious and “natural” connection to you!

By mirroring someone else you can quickly develop a strong bond – often in as little as an ten minutes.

Mirroring refers to the mimicking of a person’s behaviours and their speech. To mirror someone all you do is copy their physical posture and physical movements and then repeat them. This should be done subtly so it io soften a good idea to wait at least 30 seconds before mirroring behaviours.

The other form of mirroring is used in language.

Listen carefully to how a person talks. What words is that person using? Are they using analogies? DO they have a favourite phrase? How fast are they talking? How are they pacing and spacing their words and sentences? Do they pause between words and sentences? Do they use one particular word a lot?

When you identify how the person is speaking all you have to do is mirror that speech back by using the same words, pacing, spacing, speed etc.

I know this technique sounds simple but believe me it is extremely powerful. Next time you meet someone new try the technique and just watch what happens!

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