How to Use Self Hypnosis

Using Self Hypnosis Can Change Your Life!

First, decide if you’d like to use autosuggestion as a part of your self-hypnosis session. Self hypnosis, in and of itself, is a very pleasurable and relaxing state to experience. So even though you do not have to use autosuggestion, also known as affirmations, the real power of hypnosis lies in the use suggestions to create internal changes. These internal changes then affect the outer world to help you take actions to create the life you want.

If you do, then prepare for your autosuggestion in the form of the affirmations that reflect the changes you wish create before you start the session. You won’t want to consider them when you have reached a state of deep relaxation as this can be difficult and also force you to “pop” out of trance because you have to rely heavily on your conscious mind to think!

Next, find somewhere comfy and quiet, and sit or lie down.

Now, start to relax your body. An excellent way of doing this is to shut your eyes and imagine waves of relaxation running up and down your body all the while washing out stress. Let the waves run in time with the deep breaths that you should be taking. Let them first wash down over your head, to your neck, then down your torso and arms until they eventually reach your legs. As you imagine this allow your muscles to relax as the waves wash over them.

The next step is to use suggestion to deepen the state of relaxation. You can do this by simply announcing something similar to: “I am feeling relaxed and at ease”.

Just ad whatever words feel right and remind yourself that with each breath you are getting more relaxed or use the standard approach of advising sleepiness: “I am feeling so tired. I am able to feel the heaviness in my legs and arms and its making me feel even more tired. I am more tired than I can ever remember being.”

Once you feel totally relaxed, use the autosuggestion affirmations you previously prepared. Mix these in with the relaxation proposals.

Typical self hypnosis sessions usually last between 15 minutes and half an hour. However, they can last for as long as you like without any adverse side-effects (apart from probably falling asleep).

An alternative to taking yourself into trance is to listen to self hypnosis MP3s or CDs. The benefit of pre-recorded sessions is that you can listen to them and let them do all the work allowing you to relax and do nothing.

Of course you can always record you own and use them just as effectively, although really good pre-recorded sessions incorporate the latest technologies such as Binaural Beats. You can find some excellent sources of these sessions by reading he reviews at self hypnosis.

You can find a myriad of titles to choose from these days and if you have an issue you wish to address or a goal to want to accomplish you will easily find a session to match your needs. Just be careful to use only good quality sources for your sessions.

Self-hypnosis is a practical and effective methodology for relaxing seriously. It can be employed with or without the use of autosuggestions, dependent on what you need or want to achieve.

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