How To Commit To Be Happy in Spite of What Life Hands Over To You!

Many people are striving for happiness in today’s world. They think they can get it from a bigger house, a faster car or a better spouse. But the truth is we are all living better now that the kings, queens and emperors of past centuries.

Even King Solomon never had what you have and he was the richest man on the planet in his day. Yes, he had vast armies and gold and wealth but he didn’t even have running water. He didn’t have electricity and an hour’s journey for you in a car would have taken him at least a day if not longer!

We are living better now than at any time in history yet we are more unhappy than at any point in history!

So, as you can see, material things and even a better lifestyle does not bring happiness. Certainly a lack of these things can make you more miserable but the things themselves are not responsible for your happiness!

Happiness does not come from outside yourself. It has its roots deep within your being. No one and no thing can make you happy – you do it to yourself!

Happiness is just a choice. It is a decision that you make. You can make the decision to be happy, in spite of what life hands you. You have to admit that there are too many things over which you have no control to fret about all of them.

The only thing you truly have control over is yourself, your thoughts and your feelings. YES, you can control your thoughts and feelings!

We often blame others and situations for “making” us feel a certain way – “you mad me angry” “that makes me so mad” “he really upset me” – but the truth is we do it to ourselves.

Happiness is not something that others can give you or take from you. It’s something that you have to keep or throw away as you choose!

There will be times when things don’t turn out the way you want them to. Life does not always work out the way we want it to.

However, every so-called negative event in your life brings with it a learning experience and the seed of a future success.

There are things that can happen to the most loving, compassionate, careful and reasonable person.

But after the initial pain and shock, the decision whether or not to let yourself wallow in despair is entirely up to you.

You can allow misfortune to drag you down or you can choose to lift yourself up.

The key to being happy is to rid your subconscious mind of all the “clutter” that you have accumulated and dumped there over the years. Emotional baggage is the one root cause of unhappiness on this little blue planet of ours. You must find it and remove it – remember its just a choice!

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