How the Media Manipulate People through Mind Control

The title of this article is powerful, though-provoking and shocking. However, it is based on solid truth. Unfortunately, the media is very often guilty of swaying the opinions of the mass public through covert methods and usually for the selfish purposes of media moguls, politicians and corporate entities!

As far back as 1957 the general public and high-ranking government officials were rallying to have mind control techniques banned from use in advertising. This anti-mind control movement gained such momentum that in the 1970s subliminal messages were banned from television and radio advertisements in the UK, USA and Australia. However, subliminal messages are not the only form of mind control and advertising isn’t the only medium through which it is used!

The media is all the above mentioned countries, and around the world, use mind control techniques all the time. They try to sway the opinions of the public through a variety of means in order to alter people’s perceptions and ensure they think in certain ways.

Examples of this can be clearly seen in conflict situations.

Take Northern Ireland as a prime example of media manipulation. I am not condoning any particular forms of action, nor am I justifying violence or its use as a political leverage point. I am merely going to point out the facts in the hope that this stark, realistic and frightening use of the media as a mind control tool becomes apparent to you!

Before the peace process began, back when armed conflict was a normal part of life in the English occupied portion of Ireland, the media were heavily influenced by the British government.

Although almost half the population of Northern Ireland wanted, and still want, to be reunited with The Republic of Ireland the other half wish to remain British. These differences in loyalties lead to armed conflict amongst hard core members of each group.

Of course the media, being influenced by the British, sided with the group that claimed allegiance to Britain. They therefore portrayed the rebel faction and its leaders and members as traitors, terrorists and murders.

Now whether you hold the view that these descriptions are accurate or not is irrelevant to the aim of this article. I am merely showing how the media portrayed this group and its members.

When an 18 year old member of an outlawed group was killed he was referred to as a man i.e., “Man killed in gun battle with security forces”. However, when an 18 year old member of the British army was killed it he was referred to as a teenager, “Terrorists claim another teenage life”.

However, when peace talks came to an end and the armed conflict was over the media immediately changed its “tune” and started referring to those murders, traitors and terrorists as people who made “heroic” decisions that later generations would praise and respect them for!

In order to secure the peace, which eventually meant the leaders of outlawed factions becoming government ministers, the media manipulated stories and news items to paint a more favourable picture of the same men they were condemning just a short while before.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of media manipulation in Northern Ireland and other conflict zones. However, this type of manipulation goes on in every country every day and is used to sway your decisions and opinions.

We are literally being brainwashed by the media!

It is time to program your own mind and stop other people doing it for you. Would you like to break free from media manipulation which also programs people to “buy into” the belief that it is hard to be successful and reach your goals? Then start by downloading the free “Manifestation” MP3 when you sign up to our free newsletter and also check out the review of the best Subliminal CDs we tested and the very best Subliminal Software.

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