How Subliminal Messages Work Just Like Hypnosis & How They Both Differ!

The whole subject of subliminal programming is often viewed as mysterious or even mystical by some people. The entire subject is extremely misunderstood with a great majority of people believing it is only useful for stage entertainment purposes. There are some people who even view the whole subject as a hoax.

However, research around the world, especially in the USA, UK and the Netherlands has proven without a shadow of a doubt that subliminal messages have an effect on the brain and when they are used deliberately and correctly in specific ways that can sway our preferences and behaviours!

Anything as effective as subliminal programming, which can control how we make choices, is worth investigating, don’t you think? I Therefore urge you to read on and find out the truth about the power behind subliminal messages and what this amazing technology could do for you.

If you want to better understand how subliminal messages work and how they have the power to change your life all you need to do is consider hypnosis because the two are very similar to one and other.

The aim of hypnosis and subliminal programming is exactly the same. They both aim to deliver commands directly to the subconscious mind. Therefore, the results obtained from both are the same also.

The only difference between hypnosis and subliminal messaging products is the way the commands are delivered to the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis uses the trance state to access the subconscious mind. By relaxing the body and distracting the conscious mind hypnotic induction brings a person into deep levels of trance where the brain produces alpha waves.

While in the alpha state a person is very relaxed yet highly aware. It is this state that makes a person very susceptible to suggestion. Therefore a hypnotherapist can easily implant positive affirmations, known as post hypnotic suggestions, into a person’s subconscious mind while they are in this state.

Subliminal messages differ in their delivery of the same messages because they do not require you to enter a trance state.

In fact, truly effective subliminal cds can be listened to safely while you do other things like doing the housework, working, walking etc. They can even be played at low volumes while you sleep and the subliminal messages will still effortlessly seep deep into the subconscious mind.

Of course there is a plus side to using each one of these approaches and a slightly negative side also.

With hypnosis you only need to dedicate between 30 minutes and an hour to your session just a few times a week over a thirty day period.

However, with subliminal programming you need to listen to the recording for at least an hour a day over the same period of time (however, we found that the more you listen the faster you get results and the better the results tend to be).

Obviously listening to a subliminal recording takes absolutely no effort and you can listen to one all day if you so wish without it impacting your normal activities at all.

With hypnosis however, you must relax and remove yourself from all distractions in order for the process to work effectively.

Really it is just a matter of choice and I highly recommend using both approaches to see which one you prefer.

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