How Subliminal CDs Work & Getting Them To Work For You

Many people are confused about subliminal messages. Due to raging debates, for and against the effectiveness of subliminal programming, most people are left wondering if subliminal messages even work.

It all started back in 1957 when James Vicary conducted a famous experiment in a movie theatre. He claimed that by flashing subliminal messages on the screen during the movie, programming people unconsciously to buy Coke and popcorn, that sales of these products rose significantly.

Although he experiment looked impressive and seemed to prove the power of subliminal messages no-one else could get the same results when they conducted similar experiments.

Vicary, later in life, admitted he had faked the findings of his experiment. Although many people still believed in the power of subliminal messages due to personal experiences and the fact that multi-million dollar advertising firms use them (see subliminal messages video).

Many scientists claimed that the results produced by popular subliminal CDs are merely the result of the placebo effect. However recent research is showing that subliminal messages do indeed work!

Recently a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Minnesota, called Sheng He, tested the effectiveness of subliminal messages in a scientific experiment.

Sheng’s wanted to find out once and for all if subliminal messages were detected and registered by the brain or if they were of such low volume in audio, or flashed so fast in video, that the messages themselves never even reached the brain.

Several investigations produced very surprising results and shocked the scientific community.

In the experiments Sheng decided to use sexual images as subliminal messages as it is much easier to see elevated brainwave activity when a sexual response is stimulated.

Having recruited volunteers from different sexual orientations they gathered them together into groups of 10. To each member of a group pre-prepared images were flashed to each of their eyes separately.

Using clever scientific devices to gauge the brain’s response Sheng wanted to see if the brain registered the image that the volunteers were unaware was even there.

Using a Gabor Patch Sheng and his team allowed volunteers to see a normal image in one of their eyes, while an erotic image was shown to the other eye. Due to the way a Gabor Patch is designed the erotic image would be totally invisible to the volunteer – at least consciously. They would be unaware that such an image was being shown to them and would only see the normal image.

If subliminal stimulation actually worked, Sheng concluded, then the brain would register the erotic image even though the volunteer could not consciously see it!

To ensure the erotic images were invisible to the volunteers they were instructed to press a key on a computer keyboard if they noticed anything unusual.

After 32 trials the experiments showed that the erotic image acted as subliminal stimulation. The tests show that the results were much better when the volunteers were shown subliminal pictures that appealed to their sexual orientation.

What was also surprising was that the effect on the brain was not as great when the subliminal effect was removed and the volunteers were actually allowed to see the images!

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