How Holosync Works

At a basic level the Holosync soundtracks are a guide that will help to enter deep states of meditation. The program takes full advantage of the technology behind binaural audio research and uses this technology to synchronize the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

While you listen to the natural layered sounds of nature, such as rain falling on a forest canopy, just below these sounds there are 2 separate background stereo binaural tones being sent to each ear separately. These tones merge together to entrain your brain to produce specific brainwave patterns. This is where the power of the program lies.

Binaural audio technology is very simple in its concept and design. When tones those are similar but of only slightly frequencies are presented, one to one ear and the other to the other ear, the brain detects phase differences between these tones.

Under natural circumstances a detected phase difference would provide directional information to alert the listener. In other words on ear hears the same sound slightly differently than the other ear due to the direction you are facing when you hear the sound and the fact that your ears are on different sides of your head thus one ear would hear the sound louder or clearer than the other.

Although you are hearing the same sound two different ways the brain merges the 2 sounds to produce just one sound but with analysis added. All this really means is that you can tell from which direction a car is coming just from the sound of its screeching brakes!

However, the brain processes binaural tones in a slightly different manner.

When these tones are heard through stereo headphones ear hears an independent distinct tone. As is normal a perceptual integration of the 2 tones occurs as the brain merges them to form just one sound.

As with the sound of screeching brakes the brain analyses the sound and adds the data to its interpretation of what the ears are hearing. However, because the frequency of the tones is not actually identical (as would be the case with screeching brakes) an unusual thing occurs. When the brain merges the two tones together (thinking they are the same sound) it creates an altogether different tone.

Because the two tones are different and do not merge correctly a pulsation type effect occurs. This pulsation is heard as a beat! Thus the term binaural beats.

The beat itself has a frequency that is the mathematical difference between the two original tones. The binaural beats are perceived by the listener as a distinct rhythms or pulsing sounds.

Now another strange phenomenon occurs in the brain. As these binaural beats are produced – pulsating at the frequency that is the mathematical difference between the two original tones – the brain starts to produce brainwaves with the exact same frequency!

The effect of this “brain entrainment” is very physical. These binaural beats cause synchronization of the two hemispheres of the brain which in turn causes a deep meditative or hypnogogic state of consciousness.

In addition it is possible to entrain the brain to specific brainwave patterns that are associated with very definite physical states – such as deep sleep, alertness, creativity etc.

Through the use of this technology Holosync have been able to produce a self improvement CD series of audios that can guide the listener in such deep states of meditation that accelerated personal growth occurs.

If you wish to learn more about the very real physical, mental and emotional effects of using this technology visit Holosync.

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