How Do You Make Change Happen?

There are many people who go to hypnotherapists with extremely high expectations. There are people who go to quit smoking and many would say, “I have a buddy who quit in one session”, and their expectancy is they can quit in one session, too.

Although it’s correct that there are some who can make the changes that they desire in one hypnosis session, it’s not common. However, with real commitment anything is possible and the goal of attaining your desired result in one hypnosis session is attainable. But, to achieve this there are two questions that you need to ask.

(1) How committed to change are you really?
(2) How long did you want the changes to last?

True change occurs deep inside yourself, at a very deep level of mind. So deep in fact that you’re usually not even aware that it exists never mind aware of its functioning. If your pal actually did give up smoking in one session, permanently, then deep within, that chum assumed it would probably happen, was already completely committed to making it happen and fell into the 5% of the population who can enter extremely deep states of trance with little effort!

Addictions form over a range of years, and involve deep feelings and engrained behavioural traits and patterns. Just as you need to commit a long time to making something become a habit, you must also be prepared to spend a reasonable amount of time breaking that habit.

The truth is that your entire life has been created by your thoughts and your emotions. Your predominant thoughts tend to manifest in your world. These thoughts are driven by your predominant feelings. With a habit you must address the feelings that are riving your thoughts and actions.

Now think about other areas of your life that have become automatic (like a habit). It could be how you view money, your career, your spouse etc. When you think about those things how does that make you feel?

What type of a world have you made for yourself as a consequence of these deep feelings and habitual thoughts?

Just like a smoking habit you cannot honestly expect to change your situation overnight! It has taken years of habitual thinking and feeling to create the life you are now living so it will take some time to change it!

This can start with your own inner voice. Self talk is a form of hypnosis. Again and again you tell yourself similar things. You repeat the same old “tired” sayings to yourself until you become so convinced that they are true that they form habitual trains of thought and patterns of feeling and behaviour!

Once you believe that what you’ve been telling yourself is completely true you pass that belief onto the subconscious mind. The subconscious then takes the belief and starts to build your life around it by guiding your actions, decisions and choices in life in respect to that issue until you eventually manifest that belief in physical form.

As you can see, real and lasting change needs to occur at the very core of your being. You must make the change you want to see in the outer world in the inner world first.

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