How Can Hypnosis Help?

Do you realize that you can induce states of self hypnosis to alter your consciousness and gain access to your subconscious mind to change your life?

So what is self hypnosis and what can it do for you?

Well, self hypnosis is actually a very natural altered state of consciousness that occurs many times throughout your normal day. In a hypnotic state the critical faculties of the conscious mind (your thinking reasoning mind that you are using right now) is bypassed and your powerful subconscious mind (which holds all your memories, emotions, beliefs and automatic behaviours) is accessed and influenced.

Simply put, this means that the reasoning, evaluating, judging part of your mind (conscious) is bypassed so that you can change your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions.

If your only experience with hypnosis involves stage hypnotists or Hollywood movies then you may be in for a surprise at exactly what hypnosis can and cannot do. For example, it cannot force anyone to do something that is at odds with their values or ethics!

However, it can be used to change how you view yourself, others and the world so that you gain more confidence, higher self-esteem and experience more success in your life.

Hypnosis can do these things because it deals in the realm of the subconscious mind. The subconscious is responsible for all your automatic functions from regulating your heartbeat to how you react to a stressful situation (both mentally and physically).

It holds all your beliefs about what is possible for you and what is not. By changing these beliefs you can literally change yourself and your life from the inside-out!

To understand how this works think of a time when you drove a well known route but could not remember the ride. You simply got in your vehicles and all of a sudden you arrived at your destination with or no recollection of the drive. In this situation you actually entered a light state of trance!

The reasoning, evaluating and judging parts of your mind were still intact and functioning but were just stilled while your powerful subconscious mind took care of the drive.

In fact learning to drive is another example! When you first learn to drive a car you have to focus all your concentration on many different aspects of the driving experience.

However, once you are proficient at driving and have enough practise “under your belt” you can be engaged in a complicated and thought-provoking conversation while you drive.

Do you think that would have been possible while you were learning how to drive?

Of course not because you had to consciously do it. However now you can drive unconsciously because your subconscious mind takes care of all the motions needed to guide the vehicle while you watch the road (sometime the subconscious is responsible of this also).

Well through the power of hypnosis you can program into your subconscious mind all manner of automatic behaviours. There are excellent self hypnosis recordings that can instil in you the beliefs and behaviours of the most successful people in the world.

If you take the same actions as a successful person, the belief is that, you will get the same results!

You can even remove behaviours that no longer serve you such as smoking, drinking, overeating etc.

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