How Brain Waves Affect Your Physical State!

Everyone knows that the human brain is an electrochemical organ which produces electrical impulses. It is estimated that a normal functioning brain will generate around 10 watts of electricity. When neurons fire in the brain they send out tiny electrical impulses that can be measured using sensitive scientific equipment.

Although the electrical output of the brain is minuscule compared to a household electrical appliance the brain is still an mechanism that sends out readable electrical signals all the same.

This type of electrical activity, which emanates from the brain, is characterised by brainwaves. Science used these brainwaves to determine what type of electrical impulses the brain is producing. It has been shown through extensive research that different physical states are a direct result of certain brainwave patterns.

Throughout the day we all enter different brainwave states with four specific categories being the most common.

These brainwave states are as follows:

1. Beta – This frequency range typically occurs when brainwaves are produced at 15 to 40 cycles per second. Beta waves are characteristics of a strongly engaged mind. This is the state of your brainwaves throughout most of your working day.

2. Alpha – This frequency ranges from 9 to 14 cycles per second. When you are resting or relaxing you enter the alpha state. This state is produced when you disengage your logical, analytical functions and accept what is presented to you; such as when you watch television or enter a state of self hypnosis. We enter this state constantly throughout the day especially when we perform a repetitive task or one that requires no real concentration such as daydreaming or performing a task we are proficient at.

3. Theta – this range typically occurs between 5 and 8 cycles a second. It is a state of extremely deep relaxation and has also been shown to be a state where creative ideas can be harnessed. It is also the state where R.E.M. occurs in dream sleep.

4. Delta – the lowest frequency range of brainwaves occurs between 1.5 and 4 cycles per second. This is the state of deep dreamless sleep.

What you are doing and how you are engaged in an activity will determine which brainwave state you are in.

For example if you are experiencing heightened activity such as running you will most likely be displaying Beta brainwaves. What you do physical will be reflected in your brainwave state.

However, this can work the other way also; the brainwaves that your brain produces can have an effect on your physical state. For example if you are finding it hard to sleep then your brain is producing Beta brainwaves and thus your body and mind will not relax. But, if you were to change your brainwave state to Theta or Delta then your body would naturally relax and you would fall into a deep sleep.

Modern technology now exists that can be used to deliberately guide the brain to produce desired brainwave states so that you can benefit from the physical effects the brainwaves produce. Binaural Beats have become a very popular way of entering certain brainwave states for specific metal and physical benefits that range from creating deep sleep to awakening your creativity!

People who meditate regularly are also able to alter their brainwave state in order to take advantage of the physical benefits such states bring.

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