Holsoync Pros and Cons

The Holosync solution is a technological break-through that allows you to experience Transcendental Meditation through auditory sessions. It is a combination of CDs which use special sounds to create deep states of relaxation. These relaxed states are identical to the states produced by traditional meditation practices. Holosync is designed to engage the user at a deep level of mind in order to create fast and permanent change on a personal growth level.

Developed by Centerpointe Research Institute, the goal of Holosync is to provide superior personal growth results, using meditation, in less time than standard Transcendental Mediation practices.

Most standard meditation practises involve a sequence of psychological and physical exercises engineered to take the mind to the required hypnogogic level. This can be very time consuming, and requires hours each day committed solely to meditation. These meditation sessions must then be practised daily over the space of many years in order to get the desired benefits.

Using a technology developed in the seventies, however, Centerpointe were able to employ the use of special audio tracks designed to produce specific brainwave patterns identical to those experienced by transcendental meditation practitioners. This means you can enter the same meditative state as a Zen Master – instantly!

The technology is based on the use of binaural beats. These beats are used to create mental states that are identical to a Zen Master when he meditates. The mental states have been identified through clinical studies into meditation using Zen Masters and other experienced meditation practitioners and subjects. By analyzing their brainwave patterns, when in deep meditation, it was possible to identify which brainwaves where present during deep meditation. Centerpointe then created binaural beats recordings that can produce the same brainwave states in anyone within a few short minutes. This is how they created Holosync.

In the Holosync Solution, tonal patterns are woven into calming background music. The special tones, or binaural beats, effortlessly create alpha, beta, delta and theta brainwaves in the brain – in the same way as experienced meditators do during their meditations. The predicted results from listening to the Holosync sessions should then be consistent with conventional and Transcendental Meditation.

Meditation & Holosync leads to:

1. Improved emotional health and stability.
2. Improved concentration and cognitive skills.
3. Better and more restful sleep.
4. Reduced levels of stress.

To name but a few of the benefits!

Naturally, even Centerpointe don’t claim that using Holosync in a single session will results in the effects that have taken others a whole lifetime to achieve. However, these effects are guaranteed over time. Therefore they have created the Holosync Solution as a series of graduated levels that condition your mind and body over time to create the desired effects that traditional meditation brings.


1. Reviews of the Holosync program have appeared listing its benefits and warning of alleged shortcomings.

2. The Holosync Program does impact the mental sate of the user and, if used correctly, will allow users to get the all benefits that they would get through traditional meditation but in a much shorter time and with less frequent sessions.

3. The program has been designed and created on a scientific basis. It has a solid foundation in a major body of clinical research.

4. In blogs and forums there are a huge number of people who rave about Holosync and make the same claims as those listed on the Centerpointe website.

5. Another positive point to Centerpointe is their product support which is also highly praised. They even help you tailor the program to your own lifestyle and the result you want.


1. On a negative side the Holosync Solution takes commitment. You must set aside the necessary time everyday if you want to get the full benefit from using the product. In our modern day hectic lifestyle this can sometimes be hard to achieve. However, the reduction in stress and other benefits make the time constraint well worth it.

2. Another drawback is the price. With several levels to the program it can end up being costly. However, as each level lasts several months if you count the cost over the time required to complete the full program and measure it against the results you will see that it is an investment well worth making.

Do you want to meditate your way to a better life? Then read the full review of Holosync and get the full story!

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