Holosync – 21st Century Meditation

How would you like to meditate your way to a life without problems, filled to overflowing with effortless wealth, health and happiness in less than an hour a day?

Has CenterPointe Institute created a product that allows you to effortlessly fix all the problems in your life, create wealth, perfect relationships, health, peace of mind and unlimited happiness – all at the touch of a button?

They think they have!

So, we had to find out if they really have.


The Holosync Solution is a 21st Century meditation toolCenterpointe have brought to the market a product called Holosync, which they claim can bring you into a profoundly deep state of meditation within minutes using the latest innovations in sound technology.

Not only is instant meditation possible, they claim, but you can instantly experience the type of meditation that takes a lifetime to perfect!

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Instantly Enter Deep Meditational States it Takes Monks Decades to Achieve

So why should you, or I, want to be able to enter deep levels of meditation without having to spend years learning how to do it?

Well obviously being able to skip all the toil and trouble, not to mention the years needed, to to experience an internal state that takes decades using traditional methods is reason enough for many but why bother with meditation at all?

The holosync solution is an instant meditation toolHowever, for most people just being able to enter transcendental sates of meditation sounds great but doesn’t seem to offer any real-life value outside a Buddhist monastery.

If you are one of those people then please be aware that there are many benefits you can gain from regular meditative practices that range from stress reduction to better health, clarity of mind, personal development & self-improvement right up to increased earning potential and more stable loving relationships.

Most people who know a little about meditation already know that the benefits of using it are of a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature.

However, where you aware that it is also a proven manifestation tool that can be used to help you achieve any and all of your desires?

Having said that, by far the biggest benefit of regular, deep meditation is the altering of our belief systems by removing our negative emotional connection to past events in our lives.


How Can You Benefit From Instant Deep Meditation?

We all have memories from the past that plague us. Some are niggling regrets while others act as a constant thorn in the side.

The worst of these memories can have a negative and extremely damaging affect on our lives, our success and our relationships!

Monk meditating in a traditional styleIn fact, although we all have these negative emotional connections to the past many times we forget that they are there.

Negative memories can be buried so deep in your subconscious mind that you are totally unaware that they are driving your thoughts, beliefs and actions!

Eliminating the damaging effects in the present, caused by things that have altered our world view in the past, can be liberating and have a monumental affect on our success, peace of mind, confidence, self-esteem, relationships and our lives!

We all suffer from this to at least some degree!

However, for some people freeing themselves of their emotional connection to bad memories is more than just a way to improve their lives – it is a necessity if they wish to function properly in their world!

Traumatic experiences, especially in childhood, can have a devastating effect on a person’s ability to lead a “normal” life. The emotional connection to these memories can paralyse a person with fear and anxiety which, left unchecked, will eventually lead to depression.

Such strong emotions are literally blocks to living!

These emotional upsets can be carried into adult life and even brought with us to the grave. Even in adulthood some experiences can be of such a negative nature that they alter our values, beliefs and our entire view of life, people, relationships and our own self-worth!

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Free Your Mind

Regardless of whether you have had a traumatic experience or not, you do have things in your past that you would rather not have happened. Any regrets, worries or sadness carried over from previous life experiences is blocking you from having what you want in life – regardless of what that is!

Unless you are a fully-realized being, on par with the spiritual masters, you are carrying negative emotional memories with you every moment of the day. Most of these are subconscious in nature.

21st century meditationThis means you are not consciously aware that they are constantly running on automatic in your mind – like a virus in a computer system!

These emotional memories are tainting how you view the world and how you interact with it.

They have a tremendous effect on your beliefs, thoughts and, thus, your actions!

As your actions are responsible for the results you get in life (and are driven by your beliefs) it stands to reason that removing negative emotional ties to past events is a wise way to remove negative belief patterns from your mind.

By removing your negative belief patterns you free your thinking to be more creative and positive.

Thus the actions you begin to take will have a more productive outcome because they are no longer driven by negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions!

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Are There Things You Have Been Unable to Achieve in Life?

If there are things in your life that you have always wanted but have been unable to achieve (they be of a material, health, relationship or self-growth nature), your failure is solely due to a negative belief structure in your own mind.

This is especially true if you have not just wished for them but actively tried to get them!

In order to understand how this works try this simple little exercise. In the blank fields below answer the following questions. They can be related to anything are not just centered on material things!


Which 3 Desires have you tried to Manifest in the Past but been unable to?


Do you realise why you have failed in your attempts to secure this goals?

Many people have read books, attended seminars and participated in personal growth courses in order to learn how to better their lives and reach their goals. I am sure you, like me, have done the same. Many of these can help but none deliver fully on their promises!

Holosync creator, Bill Harris, was a featured teacher in The SecretYou may have watched the excellent documentary The Secret, which included Holosync creator Bill Harris.

You may even have used the advice it contains and seen some tangible results in your life.

However, thousands of people have failed to achieve their desires by following its advice.

Why do the techniques fail for so many when others can use it effectively from the very outset?

Why have some people amassed millions of dollars, attracted their perfect mate, cured deadly diseases and conquered seemingly insurmountable obstacles while you stay stuck in a rut?

Well the answer is hinted at in “The Secret” but not fully explained.

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The Power of Focus

You see “The Secret”, and most other personal growth books, seminars and courses, only tell half the story of manifestation and do not fully explain how the Law of Attraction operates in your life.

It is true that visualization can create miracles in your life because you always get more of what you focus on!

“It’s the fact that whatever you focus on manifests as reality in your life”. Bill Harris, creator of The Holosync Solution.

You may already know that directing your focus can make a huge difference in your life but what you are probably unaware of is that conscious focus is not enough to bring about the materialization of your desires!

Bill Harris, creator of The Holosync SolutionIf you focus on a desire for only 30 minutes a day and then continue to unconsciously focus on the lack of it, or the fact that you feel like you don’t deserve it, or can’t have it or it isn’t possible, you will merely attract more lack.

You are unconsciously instructing your mind to create automatic behaviors that will keep the very thing you want away from you!

Your subconscious focus literally steers your life in the direction of that focus or put another way your life follows the path that you are unconsciously concentrated upon.

“The results you get are always the result of your focus.

The problem is, this focus is usually not conscious focus, it’s automatic focus.” Bill Harris

You must ensure that your subconscious beliefs, feelings and thoughts are in alignment with your conscious desires.

This can only be achieved by eliminating those thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are subconsciously blocking you from having what you want!

When you eliminate the blocks that cause you to keep your unconscious automatic focus on the things you don’t want you make it much easier to start manifesting those things that you do want.


Traditional Benefits of Meditation

Centerpointe make bold claims! According to the founder, Bill Harris, the Holosync tapes/CDs will:
1. Create deep states of meditation.
2. Boost your intelligence and creativity.
3. Slow aging.
4. Create remarkable emotional changes for you at the deepest level.
5. Eliminate Stress.
6. Remove Subconscious Blocks to Success.
7. Reach All Your Goals.
8. Advance You Spiritually.

These are mighty big statements for Holosync and Centerpointe to live up to! Although there are hundreds of studies that support the fact that meditation can give you all of the benefits listed above how can Holosync, which is a set of CDs using sound technologies, produce the same effects?

We didn’t know. So, of course, it had to be tested.

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The Tests

The Holosync Solution is an ongoing test!

Unfortunately it takes several years to complete the entire Holosync program. However, beneficial effects are suppose to be immediate and you can stop at any point in Centerpointe’s ’emergence’ steps while allegedly retaining all the benefits you have received up to that point.

tester listening to holosyncCenterPointe’s main aim with Holosync is to produce, within minutes, a deep meditative effect similar to that of a very experienced meditator i.e. a Zen Buddhist monk.

Just to outline – the benefits of meditation are a more relaxed inner state, better health, greater emotional & mental control, elimination of negative subconscious programs and an increased ability to visualize and self-actualize (manifest).

In addition to all the benefits outlined above meditation is also an extremely relaxing, fun thing to do.

The peace felt in a deep meditative state cannot be induced by the hardest and strongest of drugs.

ECC machines have monitored the brain activity of deep meditators and found them to be in alpha, theta and even delta and gamma states.

We knew that if Holosync could produce these results then Centerpointe would really be on to a winner!

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How The Holosync Meditation Works

Holosync starts by first directing specific sound frequencies to your brain in order to induce first alpha, then theta and finally delta brain wave patterns.

In the delta state you are left for approximately 30 minutes.

Now, the delta state is akin to dreamless deep sleep, although if you are anything like our testers you will still be in a conscious state while listening to the program. It should be noted that delta is ‘usually’ a very relaxing state to be in. Not so with Holosync (or so we found).

Our three testers all found the Holosync state to be uncomfortable. But there is a plus side to that.

holosyncCenterPointe claim that this Holosync effect is completely normal for a small group of people (although we all felt it) and is an indication that old patterns of thought & behavior are being eliminated from the brain.

They claim that the sound frequencies actually reshape the neural pathways of the brain and raise our ‘tolerance’ level as a result. Okay sounds like Centerpointe are using a fancy explanation of meditation to me but after all that is the point of Holosync!

We have been testing Holosync for about three years now and are seeing some amazing results. However, before we go into that further you will probably want to know a bit more about the technology behind Holosync.

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The Science Behind Holosync

The technology behind the Centerpointe Holosync audio program is based on the research paper “Auditory Beats in the Brain“, published in Scientific American (October 1973), by Dr. Gerald Oster.

This paper was itself based on the discoveries, in 1839, of Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, who at the time was an Associate Professor at the University of Berlin.

Heinrich Wilhelm DoveHe discovered that when two sounds that are similar but slightly shifted in frequency are presented separately to each ear they will cause a pulsation or beat type effect in the brain.

These pulsations are known as binaural beats. Oster took this research further by showing that through the use of these binaural beats the entire brain can become entrained to the internal beat and will begin to resonate to that frequency – thus changing the brain waves of the listener.

This is how Holosync creates the necessary brain wave activity to bring you into the alpha, theta and then delta states.

Until now this was only possible through deep meditation (and after about 25 years of 3-hour daily meditations to learn how to do it). Now you can do it with the Centerpointe Holosync program instantly!

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What Holosync Can Do For You

I hope I have explained the reasons why meditation is so powerful. There are many case studies that outline hundreds of benefits of this ancient art. However, there isn’t the space to go into all of them here.

So now that you understand meditation a little better I hope you are able to outline the key benefits it would give to you personally. We all have unique and personal reasons for creating change in our lives so your reasons may be different from ours.


Name 3 Benefits you would receive from meditating.



I’m sure you can now see that the above benefits you are looking for are more than possible. However, for the last few thousands years these benefits were only available from meditation and by dedicating your life to learning the art.

However you can now, through the use of Holosync, enter exceptionally deep meditative states within minutes.

The CenterPointe Holosync Technology is a must for the dedicated meditator and anyone who wants to embark on daily meditations or personal growth.

Even if you have been meditating for 15 years you will get major benefit from this.

Two of our reviewers have been practicing meditation for over 15 years while the third has practiced for over 22 years. While using the Holosync recordings each one entered a deeper meditative state than they had ever done before!


Benefits of Holosync

Centerpointe seem to deliver on almost all of their promises. The deep states of meditation created by Holosync are mind-blowing.

You really do meditate like a Zen-Buddhist Monk!

Centerpointe_HolosyncHowever, we were unable to verify one the claims made about the Holosync program – its claim to slow the aging process.

Now, I have been meditating for years and I do look young for my age (honest) but whether that is the result of my meditative practices, Holosync or just genetics is a matter of debate.

Unfortunately the claim, by Centerpointe, that the Holosync program can actually slow down aging is much too hard to prove or even test for that matter (science does not even know why some people age faster or slower than others let alone measure any affect on it).

As for the other claims made by Centerpointe about Holosync we can only say that the technology offered in the programs does bring the listener into a deep state of meditation. As a direct result, many old memories and feelings re-surface and seem to dissipate (after a short time of discomfort).

The Holosync program does exactly what it is designed to do – take you into a deep meditative state almost instantly with all the benefits such a state brings.

Now, you should be aware that the length of time needed to reach ‘the end of the rainbow’ is long. However, you do get immediate benefits from the very first listening and you are not required to finish the entire course of tapes/CDs to retain these benefits.

In a few short years, with only a small daily commitment, you can achieve results that take a Zen Master 40 years, and many daily hours of practice, to achieve!

You can also reach your goals much more quickly than you could using traditional methods (which mostly fail anyway). It is possible and certain, if you follow through on your meditations, to manifest your desires through this process!



Holosync Sample – Listen With headphones



CenterPointe’s Holosync Solution is an excellent way to deepen any meditative state. Although Centerpointe did not design the Holosync program for visualization purposes, I used it to go into a deep state so that I could visualize more easily. I found that I could produce very vivid images while listening to the Holosync tracks even though I have an auditory memory.

Each of the reviewers also found that they could listen to a self hypnosis, or subliminal, session while also listening to a Holosync track to produce much more profound results from the hypnotic or subliminal commands.

So, as well as getting the benefit of your meditations you can also use the holosync tracks to deepen any trance state for maximum effect!

Truly, if you want to benefit from a method that delivers instant deep meditation Holoysnc is for you. You must be dedicated enough to spare the time everyday to use the Holosync tape/CD but apart from that no other effort is required.

Centerpointe Institute will post to you follow-up newsletters and additional recordings. We found CenterPointe to be a very professional company offering excellent customer support and advice.

Centerpointe offer a full one year no-questions-asked money back guarantee on Holosync!

You can listen to a demo at the CenterPointe homepage and get a free holosync MP3 download in demo format to get a feel for the program. However, Bill Harris speaks throughout this demo which is distracting and a little annoying.

Rest assured when you begin the Holosync Awakening, the first step in the Centerpointe Holosync program, there is no speaking in it.

[Additional information as of January 2009]

The ongoing trials of the Centerpointe Holosync program indicate that it delivers on all its promises (still not sure about it being the fountain of youth though). In the latter stages of the program affirmations, of your choosing, are added to the soundtracks and ‘wow’ do they pack a punch. Choose your affirmations wisely because they do become your beliefs and a part of your conscious and unconscious focus!!

We highly recommend Centerpointe and Holosync!! Click the link below-right to visit the official Holosync site and claim a free demo.



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