Holosync – Unleash The Genius Within

Are you aware that many prominent people from history have something in common? Did you know that the greatest artists, musicians, mathematicians, scientists and scholars share a similar trait?

Perhaps you have been unaware of the fact the special quality that many of these people share is not something that they were born with but something they developed themselves.

Do you know that without spending years dedicated to it, as they did, you can have it instantly?

What Geniuses Share

What is this special ability that the most gifted among us have but normal people do not?

The most prominent leaders in industry, art and science tend to share a similar ability – they could create very specific brainwave frequencies in their brain that allowed them to perform at their peak with very little mental effort.

Genius BrainIt has been discovered, through diligent scientific study and many years of research, that high peak performers, who can enter “the zone”, display specific and exact brainwave frequencies.

Such frequencies go hand-in-hand with the emotional, physical and mental states that are associated with high performance.

By getting themselves into the right “place” mentally, high achievers can direct their brains to perform at peak capacity. This peak mental state has a similar, positive effective on their bodies and their emotional state.

Unfortunately, to effectively create such states you normally have to spend years practising specific mental and physical exercises on a daily basis.

There are many different traditional ways to create these brainwave states from meditating to visualizing. Through diligence, persistence and lots of practice it is possible to learn how to create these states in an instant. However, the time and commitment needed to reach such a level of mastery must be measured in years or even decades.

Holosync – The Road to Genius

With the passing of the 20th Century and the arrival of the 21st, with all our technological advancements, it should be no surprise to learn that science has developed a way to create these states instantly with no effort on your part.

No longer do you need to spend many hours, days, weeks or even years conditioning yourself to enter these states or practicing meditation. You can now do it effortlessly!

Centerpointe research instituteSound technologies known as binaural beats, which are used in such technologies as Holosync created by The Centerpointe Institute, have been found to change the brain in such a way that the brain exhibits the same brainwave frequencies as those exhibited by geniuses.

In fact, these binaural beats can be used to force the brain to display the same brainwave frequencies associated with a multitude of different mental, physical and emotional states.

What This Can Mean For You

One of the great things about these sound technologies, like the binaural beats used in Holosync, is that they can be used to create alpha brainwave states easily.

When the brain displays alpha brainwaves it gives you the ability to sharpen your ability to focus and concentration.

You can also visualize more lucidly, understand new concepts better, absorb more information and retain more of the information you are absorbing.

The brainwave states created by these new technologies have been used to unleash creativity, hidden talents and promote faster healing.

They have also even been used to develop skills, remove negative emotional connections to memories and increase tolerance levels.

If you use sound technologies such as binaural beats to enter the theta brainwave frequency range you can experience very deep sleep that heals and revitalizes the body. You can even use them to create lucid dreams – dreams in which you are in full control and can do anything from flying to meeting famous people while experiencing it as though it were real!

Thoughts Create Actions & Actions Create Results

Everyone knows that you get specific results from life depending on your actions. Most of us understand that these actions are driven by our thought-processes. However, not many people realise that specific thought-processes have specific brainwaves associated with them.

Belief Thought Action CycleWhen you desire to see certain results in your life you must take appropriate action. So, when you want to take specific actions, to create the results you desire, you must think specific thoughts that will drive you to take those actions.

If you want to condition yourself to think the right thoughts, i.e. positive life-affirming and goal-driven thoughts, then you need to create specific brainwaves in your brain.

Up until the late 20th Century you could only achieve this through hard work and years of practice.

Visualization, mind conditioning systems and meditation are a few of the ways this could be achieved. However, now, through the power of sound technologies, you can create these mental states within minutes.

Using the newest technologies, such as Holosync, that incorporate binaural beats into their programs, allows you to change your brainwave states so you can achieve very specific results in life.

Yet again science and spirituality have merged to give us access to the deeper more creative side of our brains. If you want fast changes in your life then perhaps these sound technologies are worth investigating.

7 Minute Holosync Sample

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