Holosync or Holothink

Sound has always played an important role in ancient cultures. They say that music can lift the soul and it has been used for thousands of years to stir the emotions. Different sounds have different effects on us. Take music for example. There is music to motivate and music to sooth.

Sound can have a dramatic affect on our emotional and mental state. In ancient traditions mystics and shamans have used drum beats to create hypnotic and meditative states and in more recent times pipers, buglers, and drummers have even been used to prepare men for war.

As we settle nicely into the 21st Century with all its technological advancements and fast paced living we have become used to sound being our enemy with noise pollution reaching an all time high. The sounds of screeching brakes, horns, blaring television sets and CD players are all too evident in our modern day life.

However, although the sounds around us can sometimes be detrimental to our peace the new century has given us some startling audio technologies that are putting sound back where it belongs – as our friend and as a means to alter our consciousness.

With the break-through innovation of binaural beats and isochronic tones it is now possible to use our vast advancements in technology to create altered states of consciousness within minutes. Without these technologies gaining the ability to enter these states would normally take a life time of discipline to perfect!

In 1839 binaural beats were first discovered and in 1973 they were perfected. However, in recent decades new uses of these amazing sounds have been developed and now you can enter meditative states within a few short minutes with technologies such as Holosync and you can create many different states by using Holothink recordings.

Holosync has concentrated on using binaural beats in CD form to create deep states of relaxation with heightened mental focus that are exactly the same states experienced by Zen Buddhist monks. These monks have spent over 20 years perfecting the transcendental meditation techniques that lead to exactly the same mental and physical states that you can enter within mere minutes using Holosync.

Holothink, on the other hand, has concentrated on creating several downloadable MP3 recordings which are designed to create many different mental and emotional states.

The difference between the two is often portrayed as price! However, they are very different recordings that are used for very different things.

Although Holothink recordings are much cheaper than Holosync, it is the latter that is truly the more powerful – from a personal growth point of view.

Holosync has been designed as a self improvement tool that has the potential to lead anyone all the way to enlightenment. However, if enlightenment is not your goal you can be sure that, while on the Holosync journey, your life will get better and your inner peace will become almost unshakable.

Holothink, on the other hand, offers instant states of altered consciousness. Although persistent use will certainly have a positive effect on your life it is the state itself which is the main aim for using Holothink. With titles like “Totally Tranquillity” and “Laser Focus” you can have instant access to specific states.

It doesn’t require any special training or abilities to listen to either Holosync or Holothink. In fact all you need is a set of stereo headphones a CD or MP3 player and somewhere quiet to relax – the recordings do the rest!

The advantage of Holosync, over Holothink, is the massive life changes that will take place over time. However, one disadvantage is the time needed to listen to the recordings. You must dedicate 1 hour a day, at least 6 days a week, to your meditations for optimum effects to take place.

This time constraint is well worth the sacrifice though. However, many people who have no experience with meditation, or the benefits it offers, may be unwilling to commit to such a ridged a plan.

The benefit of using Holothink is the instant access you get to the state you want. These recordings can be used whenever you desire and no strict plan for their usage exists. However, you will never get the personal growth benefits that are offered by Holosync.

Both Holosync and Holothink offer free demos which can be acquired by following the links in this article.

So whatever your goals are for trying these fantastic technologies you are assured of one thing – they both work!

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