Have You Sparked Your Imagination Today?

The way you use your brain really determines how you live your life. Everything that happens to you, whether real or imagines, is processed in the brain. Outside stimuli only becomes real to you because of the way you interpret it in your brain.

Not everyone interprets what they see, hear, taste and touch the same way. A perfect example of this can be seen when you look at a police or traffic accident report. There will be conflicting accounts of the events that unfolded. Police may be looking for a man between 5 foot 6 inches and 5 foot 10 inches, with either brown or black hair. A car involved in a hit and run is often described by one person as being orange and another as being red!

These are classic examples of how we use our brains to interpret the world around us. The brain interprets this outside stimuli much like a computer does. Just like a computer it needs an operating system and software programs to tell it what to do and how to handle data.

The operating system of your brain seems to be hard-wired into the very structure of the brain itself. We have developed, and evolved, as a species to react to outside stimuli in certain and predefined ways that are common to all human beings. For example, if you hear a loud bang you will immediately jump. Certain people will elicit strong chemical reactions in your mind and body if you find yourself physically attracted to them.

However, the software programs we use to tell our brain how to function in everyday life are not hard-wired into the brain and most be learned. You must learn how to talk, walk and a multitude of other things. You must program these behaviours into the brain much like you would load a word processing application onto a computer!

As we go through we continually add more and more programs to our bio-computer and pass them on to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind will then run these programs on automatic. This is most advantageous for us as it frees the limited resources of the conscious to concentrate on other things like analysis and decision making.

However, very often we pass programs onto the subconscious mind that are designed to keep us safe when we are young yet become a hindrance as we grow older.

These programs affect our feelings and emotions which in turn affect our thoughts which then affect and drive our actions. If these programs are of a negative nature, and have been programmed into the mind as a defensive mechanism, they become part of the automatic processes of the subconscious mind.

Now, the mind works very simply. Even though we have developed quite complicated and intricate methods of communication from language to non-verbal cues and body language the brain does not think in these terms. The brain actually thinks in pictures.

Therefore if you have automatic behaviours that you do not desire and negative programs running in the subconscious mind then these will take the form of mental images in your imagination.

Think of a cup of coffee. What do you see in your mind? I bet you don’t see the word coffee or even feel the cup in your hand. You most likely visualised a cup of coffee. Now, think of your front door. What colour is it? Again you will have evoked a picture in your head of your front door.

This is why imagination is such an important aspect of any self improvement or personal development. Imagination is used through the practice of visualisation.

By visualising pleasant things that make you feel good you can actually change your entire mood. By visualising yourself living the life you want you can actually re-program your subconscious mind to bring it to you.

Of course their will be programs that you have buried so deeply in your mind that you find it hard to remove or replace them and for these insidious success-killers you need the Release Technique.

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