What is the meaning and nature of happiness?

Some people believe that if only they could get that job, buy that car, live in that house or attain that relationship then they would be happy! Others believe that being popular, having power and influence or money would achieve the same aim.

These things, however, rarely bring happiness and if they do it is because the people who have them were already happy before they attained them or at least found the secret to happiness after. In and of themselves, money, material goods and social standing do not bring any long term happiness.

The main source of inner happiness is high self-esteem. Believing in yourself and your own abilities gives you a sense of power that can be taken from nothing else. Having true love and respect for yourself gives you an inner warmth and confidence that stays with you regardless of how the outside world appears. By cultivating high self-esteem you foster feelings of self worth that ultimately lead to happiness.

Another major source of true happiness is self determination. When you feel that you are in control of your own life then no-one and nothing can upset you. By feeling in control of your own decisions, actions and life direction then no matter what the world throws at you, you can still stay focused on what you want for yourself.

This is extremely empowering and means that you remove yourself from negative feelings that arise, in many people, due to outside circumstances.

Know also that no man is an island. Each of us are interconnected and by seeing the Oneness of all things you will start to feel connected to the entire Universe.

Human beings are social creatures and if you take away the social element of our interactions we tend to become depressed and withdrawn. Find comfort in good friendships and camaraderie in those who share your interests.

Don’t dwell on the negative aspects of the world around you. Focus your attention on what you want. Think of things in your life that you are grateful for.

We also feel the most down when our focus is concentrated of the things in our life that we perceive to be wrong or bad. By a simple shift in how you view a situation you can see all the wonderful benefits that you enjoy now!

If you ensure that you meet all these needs from the inside out then you will never have to search for happiness again. You will develop the ability to feel happy from within your own being.

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