Groundhog Day Life!

Some people may not understand the title of this article because it originates from inspiration gained from a 1993 Hollywood film, starring Bill Murray as Phil Connors, called ‘Groundhog Day’.

Phil is a reporter for a TV news crew who goes to a town to cover the annual “Groundhog Day” celebrations. However, he soon finds himself repeating the same day over and over again.

Phil is conscious of each day and retains all his memories of what happens however all the other characters in the film do not know that the same day is on a sort of loop.

Each day things begin in exactly the same way and the other people in the town act in the same manner unless they interact with by Phil. Having to live through the same day, repeatedly, turns into a nightmare for Phil Connors.

Now Phil was attracted to his producer Rita, played by Andie MacDowell, and tries to use his unique situation to get to know things about her so he can seduce her (he always robs a bank delivery truck but that’s a different story).

As the film progress Phil starts to learn everything there is to know about his surroundings the people in it and Rita. However, no matter how hard he tries to manipulate the situation, and Rita, nothing good comes from it.

Watching Phil make different decisions in order to change events is interesting (and funny). However, it makes you think about real life and how we continually do the same things. How many times have you tried to control situations, events, outcomes and even people? Where you successful? Probably not!

Finally Phil realises that he can change nothing except himself. He learns to play the piano, gets to know everyone in the town and goes around performing good deeds (because he knows what is going to happen he ‘fixes’ things like catching a child falling from a tree).

Once Phil begins to change himself, situations in the town change automatically. People in the town, although they think they’ve just met him, view Phil as a kind, loving, compassionate human being and embrace him. Discovering that all he had to do was change himself Phil is set free from his repetitive cycle and all ends happily ever after.

Is this the story of your life? Which point in your life is similar to the fictional character Phil Collins? What part of groundhog day are you experiencing? Do you always seem to be attracting the same type of relationships, similar jobs, horrible bosses, financial hardships, health problems etc.?

Are you caught in your own nightmarish groundhog day?

For a long time I was caught in the repetitive cycle of trying to control things around me yet they always ended up the same way! Are you doing the same thing?

In order to change things around you (EVEN OTHER PEOPLE) you must first be willing to change yourself and then embrace that change. When you change yourself you will break-free from your own groundhog day and move into new and exciting areas of life.

Do you want to break-free from the monotonous routine of your groundhog day and start to be, do and have whatever it is that you want to be, do and have? Then the fastest way to achieve those goals is to read about the Release Technique and begin using it today!

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