I’m sure you’ve seen the Hollywood blockbuster movie from the ’80s called Gremlins. You know the one where all these little nasty (but funny) creatures cause havoc in a small American town.

Well the word ‘gremlins’ have always been used to refer to things that go wrong like ‘ghost in the machine’ and ‘spanners in the works’.

For this reason the word ‘gremlin’ is used in coaching circles to represent the ‘inner critic’ – that small negative inner voice that causes havoc in our lives.

These ‘gremlins’ are created and sustained through negative self-talk that was once consciously driven but has which has been passed to the subconscious and become a internalized beliefs.

This can happen in a variety of ways but most through listening to, and believing, well-meaning parents, teachers, siblings and associates who have listened to their own ‘gremlins’ and passed them on to us when we were at an impressionable age!

When gremlins overpower our true nature and the voice that comes from the every essence of who we are it can be difficult to break free from the feelings of self doubt, fear lack of confidence and low self-esteem that they evoke.

Although these little gremlins have their root in the belief that you are protecting yourself they instead just discourage us and create disbelief and feelings of unworthiness.

If we allow our gremlins to take over the self-talk that we are engaged in for most of the day they will convince us that we are not worthy, or even capable, of being, having or doing what we want. Gremlins are responsible for turning challenges into insurmountable obstacles that, in our own minds, appear to be blocking us from realizing our goals.

Gremlins are those little voices that tell you, you can’t do this, you shouldn’t do that and you are incapable of doing the other. They are insidious little creatures of the mind that often go unnoticed. They lurk in your mental shadows waiting for any opportunity to pounce and tell you that you aren’t good enough!

When we resist following the voices of our inner gremlins we may be able to, through sheer will-power, drive ourselves forward but very often the mere act of ignoring these little havoc-makers is enough to make them stronger and send them into even more riotous behaviour.

Ignoring our own negative self-talk can be empowering if it is done correctly. However, it can merely suppress the feelings that are driving the negative thinking thus making it stronger and more unconsciously active. When you drive your thoughts and emotions ‘underground’ and deep into the subconscious mind it can be hard to identify them and remove them because they remain unseen yet still very much active!

Suppression of emotions and negative thoughts just creates more gremlins!

You must instead find these little creatures and bring them out into the light of day. When they are viewed consciously and rationally very often they just disappear.

However, to get to the really deep-seated ones you need to learn to ‘release’ the unwanted emotions that are driving them! Would you like to banish all you inner gremlins from your mind and free yourself to be, do and have whatever you want – guaranteed? Then visit Release Technique and read how easy it can be!

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